How can your mom buy an NFT if she doesn’t own ETH? Credit card is the answer

They probably won’t be buying that with crypto

Crypto is awesome but it’s hard to adopt

One of the biggest struggles for adoption of blockchain technology is the need to use crypto for everything blockchain related. NFTs for example are very powerful technology that’s extremely easy to understand, as you can tell from all the media attention around NFTs lately, opposed to something more complex like DeFi. But therein lies the problem, if your mom heard about NFTs and wants to get started, she must have ETH in order to buy or trade an NFT.

We wanted to fix this, so for the past few months we’ve been working on a way for people purchase NFTs…

Mintable — Next-generation NFT Marketplace

We are Mintable, a next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Launched in 2018, we’ve helped over 200,000 creators monetize their work via NFTs that are authenticated and traceable on the blockchain. Mintable is backed by notable investors including renowned venture capitalist and television personality, Mark Cuban, Sound Ventures, and Defiance Capital.
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In January 2021, we were proud to announce the close of our seed round. The money raised will help us accelerate our mission to democratize access to and spearhead the movement of NFTs going mainstream.

Mintable’s gasless minting, batch minting and royalties built into our Smart Contracts will allow the everyday person to get involved in NFTs without any prior knowledge in coding or the upfront cost of minting an asset. Over the last month, we saw over 150,000 NFTs being created and listed for sale on Mintable, and our platform saw a total of over 165 million page requests.

When we started Mintable, our core mission was to simplify the minting and trading of NFTs to make them more accessible to a larger audience.

With today’s announcement, we believe this is another major step towards the widespread adoption of NFTs worldwide.

Buying NFTs will now be as easy as ordering groceries from Amazon.

If you’re new to crypto, you might not be aware of all the cumbersome steps you need to take before you can purchase an NFT without a credit card integration:

  1. Create a Metamask (Crypto wallet) account
  2. Purchase crypto through Metamask with daily limits and KYC or transfer crypto into Metamask from other exchanges (Eg. Binance, Coinbase, etc.) …

The 7 day auction begins at 9pm EST March 24th—

For the first time ever — Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine’s (1888–1944) estate is auctioning off NFTs on Mintable. These NFTs are official W.B.R creations — acting as a digital form of the painting in a new medium, but there is a catch.

The main auction — Abstract Composition — comes with the original 96 year old painting delivered to the buyer of the NFT.

The painting will be shipped worldwide, fully insured for the price of the auction, to the winner with the highest bid. The NFT is delivered immediately upon payment.

The NFT comes with the certificate of authenticity and…

Leading Decentralized Database Bluzelle collaborates with NFT Marketplace Mintable to showcase their “Bluzelle NFT Collection.”

We are delighted to announce that Bluzelle is joining hands with the NFT Marketplace Mintable to release the first set of their upcoming Bluzelle NFT Collection. Bluzelle will mint its unique digital assets by leveraging the intuitiveness and powerful UI of the Mintable platform to make the rare NFTs accessible to its native community.

This partnership will gear up excitement in the community as NFTs are on the verge of rampant adoption. Bluzelle and Mintable will both synergize to make the minting and distribution process…

Last week we migrated and deployed a new $MINT governance NFT for

MINT V2 — Gas savings

Last week we migrated and deployed a new $MINT governance NFT for Some of you may have already noticed, because you now have 2 governance NFTs in your wallet. But the snapshot was done and tokens have been airdropped to all token holders already. The migration is now complete.

Gas savings in short. Gas costs are definitely a downer when it comes to NFTs and when buying NFTs on Mintable, there are added gas costs due to checking for minting our governance NFTs. …

Every beat has a story. Now it’s on the blockchain.


Each card represents an un-released never before heard instrumental beat produced by Grammy Award Winning music producer Illmind. Illmind has established a remarkable career as a music producer and digital sound pack innovator over the last 16 years, producing for Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Logic, Future, Travis Scott, Khalid, and even Disney’s “Moana” soundtrack & Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda, the value of this NFT is priceless.

No gas fees for creating NFTs — why not also support a gas free solution for everything??? Immutable X is that answer

Match made in heaven

Today we’re announcing a partnership with @Immutable to leverage its Immutable X technology to help us achieve the vision of opening up the future of NFT marketplaces to the masses.

We care deeply about the power of NFT ownership and the future of assets living on open, secure infrastructure. Current gas and scaling limitations have prevented a lot of new users from joining the NFT revolution. Scaling needs to happen without compromising on decentralization or moving off the Ethereum network. Reducing friction is critical.

What are Mintable’s goals?

As you know — Mintable is an open marketplace for selling, creating, and trading NFTs on…

The ten, 1/1 NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) will each feature a unique 3D-animation by digital artist Moestradamus, with unique original music score and sound effects by John Welton, and a physical EEG headset for neuro-training mailed to your door

The NFT space is booming

The NFT space has seen massive growth and awareness over the past few months — and that’s because of artists and creators like Because Of The Lotus. Normally — most NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital images that live on the blockchain — but Because Of The Lotus is taking it one step further with their “Mind’s Eyeland Time” NFT.

Never been done before? No problem

Compared to the NyanCat which was merely a GIF and sold for $400,000+, “Mind’s Eyeland Time” is more than just a GIF, in fact its much more. Mind’s Eyeland Time is a three-day wellness retreat on the Caribbean island of St…

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