1 Month Later and $0 spent on marketing — Mintable update

We launched our beta on April 15th — its been one month. We spent $0 on advertising, we don’t have an ICO or token, and we are a free smart contract tool that lets you deploy an ERC-721 collectible item in seconds.

you don’t know what ERC-721 tokens are, you can learn about them here:

This article will go over a quick recap of what has happened over the last month, including some of our stats, and then the latter part will discuss upcoming news

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One of our smart contracts growth over the 3 weeks we’ve been live

It has been about 1 Month since we launched our beta

We launched our Beta version of Mintable on April 15th, 2019. The beta version was a series of sprints for 4 month, working to improve the core functionality of Mintable and add some needed features. We decided to lay out the launch into three phases for a few reason:

  1. Allows for quick feedback and testing of market fit (successfully validated market fit)
  2. Allows for quick software development and staying up to date with current ERC-721/NFT ecosystem desires
  3. Save on costs — we are bootstrapping Mintable with almost a non-existent budget. Since we don’t have a token, and never will do an ICO, that means we don’t have millions in the bank to spend on marketing and development.

Highlights, Top Sales, and Use-cases

Some of our highlights in the month of our beta release have been:

  • First item sold on Opensea from Mintable for 0.01 WETH
  • Worked with FOAM.space and SatoshiInitiatives to get badges up
  • Discussions with multiple artists and streamers to get them set up using NFTs for donations
  • Partnering with Zastrin and Opensea
  • Started a Crypto Drama NFT series ( https://beta.cent.co/+13ydfs)
  • Golden Art work collection

Top Sales:

  • Kenn Bosak (twitter:@KennETHbosak) sold his logo for $99 still on-going
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Listed for 420 DAI, got 99 USDC offer
  • Business Cards as NFTs — Trump card sold for 0.01 WETH


Top use cases we have seen so far

  • Event badges and tickets
  • Streamer donation badges
  • Artwork
  • Business cards to give away for free

User Growth and $0 Marketing Budget

From our alpha launch to Beta launch, we have seen a user growth of 300% over a 3 week period. This is great! Some of our stats before we get into our ideology of why we are a $0 marketing budget dapp:

  • We have over 100 smart contracts minted using Mintable
  • We have over 150 unique accounts using Mintable
  • We have over 900 NFTs in our Database
  • We have over spent $0 on marketing

Why have we spent $0 on marketing?

Two reasons:

  1. We don’t have a huge bank account — we didn’t have an ICO and we don't have a scammy economic model to profit from by pre-selling items.
  2. We are bootstrapping Mintable — since its a free tool for the ecosystem — and in such we want to focus on a different style of marketing. Content creation.

We are a platform that allows for anyone to tokenize anything. That means we are actually helping content creators profit from their content (since they can tokenize it as an NFT and sell it). When we thought about how to market this dapp, we realized — very few people understand NFTs. So we need to change this before advertising on facebook or google…since it won’t be that effective.

As such, we have focused on creating content around education. We have put out many guides and examples of things you can tokenize as well as how to tokenize them. We have written on NFTs and other things related to the NFT ecosystem. We plan on writing much more about the NFT ecosystem as well.

By putting out content that helps educate people — we are reducing the cost on our end, but we are actually increasing the usage and general knowledge around non-fungible tokens. This is very important for our ecosystem to grow.

Currently, Opensea does around 100k USD in volume a week. This is a massive improvement on what we saw only 6 months ago.

And in another 6 months, our entire NFT marketplace will completely change — moving away from game items and collectibles into real world digital items that have inherent value. That is one of our main goals at Mintable - to facilitate that market growth.

Our Goals

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Our new Discount Card look…. pretty slick right? Expect this to get updated in a week or so

We hope to achieve the following goals before we launch our full product:

  1. 5,000 smart contracts created using Mintable
  2. $10,000 USD made from people selling their NFTs they made on Mintable
  3. Increase our ecosystem to wider audience
  4. Upgrading the graphics of our Discount Card and making it look great on Opensea to sell if you bought one
  5. and of course improve and fix any issues with Mintable Beta.

What’s coming up for Mintable?

We are starting work on our Full Product Launch that will come at the end of summer. The full product offers a whole new range of features and we will discuss that in another article closer to launching. We want some of it to be a surprise ;). But in short, we are offering a whole new range of services and really really exciting technology that will completely change the NFT ecosystem! (We’ve been working on it for 6 months now)

If you want to get a discount card (No fees on our service for LIFE)

Then please donate to us using our homepage. We really appreciate any support we get. So we offer these cards that remove all fees for anything on Mintable now, or in the future, for life. We know…. it’s a REALLY bad business idea. But hey, thanks for supporting us.

Also if you don’t like them, you can resell them because they area NFT.

We just wanted to share our little experiment with the world. We are doing things differently, for sure. We will see what works and what doesn’t work and will constantly evolve. But thanks for your support and helpfulness if you’ve given feedback or helped improved our Beta!

Use the Beta!

Website — https://mintable.app

Discord — https://discord.gg/fUEmc8d

Email — zach@mintable.app

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

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Ethereum lover and founder of Mintable.app