1 Year later as a Dapp with $0 in the bank and No ICO

NFTs used to be synonymous with CryptoKitties but now have now gained enough traction to establish many new kinds of popular use-cases.

Mintable by numbers

We started with a team of one and no money in the bank.

We choose to NEVER do an ICO and to never have a token. We also don’t have many ways to profit from our dapp — as we want to be as helpful and easy to use for everyone.

With a $0 bank account, $0 dollars spent on marketing, and only having a goal of expanding the NFT ecosystem, 2019 was a huge success for us.

We now have a team of 6, incorporated in Singapore, and supported by the Singaporean government via their government backed blockchain incubator.

Creators are discovering and making NFTs more and more by the day! Here are some of the notable numbers for Mintable’s beta throughout 2019.

1,081 — Total number of users creating accounts with Mintable in 2019

4,231 NFTs were minted over the course of the year on Mintable.

557 smart contracts were deployed by Mintable users. Not all minting tools are equal. Our platform gives users full ownership of NFTs and creates the user their own contract that they control. This is why over 500+ new smart contracts have been made from non-coders to achieve their creative missions!

Awesome creations, beta’s numbers and more!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) had a banger of a year in 2019, expanding outward in a variety of new use cases. Mintable entered the year with its alpha version online but hit a major milestone when the https://Mintable.app beta launched on April 15th.

April 2019 — Mintable beta launch

Mintable.app’s beta version introduced more robust features to anyone wanting to mint their own NFTs. Notable new and improved features included:

  • Batch minting — allows for the minting of multiple NFTs at the same time of up to 5, 10, 25, or 40.
  • Metadata — increased metadata fields allow users to further customize their NFTs.
  • API storage — option to store your token’s data with Mintable’s own API.
  • https://Blocknative.com integration — this powerful third party integration means faster onboarding and a smoother user experience start to finish.
  • Enterprise solutions — a service for anyone looking for highly custom solutions.

NFT Highlights

Innovative Badges

There was a wide variety NFTs created for all sorts of different purposes, one of the most popular of which was different kinds of badges.

NFT podcast NonFunGerbils.com badges for each episode:


The fantastic NFT podcast @nonfungerbils has been minting badges that tell the unique stories written by their own community members. Each month their audience has the chance to submit stories to go along with their latest artwork. The art and winning story are then combined as an NFT to commemorate the next podcast. What a great way to make NFTs fun and engaging! View their podcast here

Baking cookies:

Free Cookies for having .eth in your twitter handle!

Born out of a smart contract, @DeFiDude got super creative and generous by baking up some free NFT cookies but only for those worthy. On December 19, DeFiDude tweeted,

“Do you have your ENS domain in your Twitter handle? Like this tweet and I’ll give you a free (NFT) cookie, you deserve.”

His cookies must have been tasty as he garnered over 135 likes and 18 retweets, thus keeping him very busy in the kitchen.

Immutable “I Voted” stickers:

Product Lead at ConsenSys Codefi, Jordan Lyall, used Mintable to create “I Voted Sticker” NFTs for the MakerDAO MCD Vote. This is a great example of community engagement where participants can be recognized on-chain for their activities.

Digital art shines

N0Shots quest items

2019 saw artists and their communities migrate on-chain in an unprecedented way. NFTs are a new medium for artists that unlocks lots of new ways to approach their work. The entire ecosystem developed so much this year with NFT specific art galleries like Super Rare growing exponentially and CryptoVoxels offering an extremely immersive experience.

Crypto artist U.Dresemann (@buzz_lightning) made full use of Mintable producing pieces that challenge and inspire such as the voxelart play on the BP logo, “Don’t Trust BP, Verify Your Opinion”. Skeenee (@Skeenee_art), Digital Art Collective, and Artx are among the many great artists contributing to this art movement and Mintable is glad to even play a small role with them.

Longhash Singapore

Mintable was also inducted as one of five blockchain projects into the premiere blockchain incubator, Longhash Singapore. Longhash incubators provide a full range of support for start-ups working on blockchain-related projects.

The program was very collaborative in spirit and definitely served as a huge brain gain by connecting a variety of projects from different corners of the industry together. We were thrilled to contribute NFT expertise and solutions while learning from fellow batch-mates.

Longhash also created opportunities outside of Singapore, opening doors in crypto hubs like Seoul and Shanghai. One thing is for sure, Mintable can only say the best about our friends at Longhash.

To 2020… and Beyond!

2019 was the year of trial and error with so many finally able to easily create and experiment with NFTs. But Mintable’s beta will soon be replaced by our full platform. What does that mean for creatives and the digitally curious? In short, 2020 is all about taking things to the next level. Just like those tasty NFT cookies, Mintable has a lot baking in the oven and this next batch of treats is aimed at expanding our understanding of what NFTs are and who they are for.

Thank you for reading and let’s all have a very nifty 2020 together!

How can I help?

Discount card that is worth 0.5 ETH

We accept donations and in return we give you this awesome NFT that removes any and all fees from our platform. You can donate and get a card by visiting our homepage or https://mintable.app/discountcards



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