A DAO for NFTs by NFTs — Mintable v2.0 — Dev Update 3

As we get closer to the launch of Mintable v2.0 on Ethereum we are going to be doing weekly dev updates and other exciting updates

Before we dive into what’s coming — what is Mintable …or what was it?

Now Mintable is becoming a next gen NFT marketplace

A NFT ran DAO — introducing MINT

Mintable is going decentralized.

Mintable NFT DAO:

  • Completely novel — no one has created an NFT DAO before.
  • No ERC-20, only NFTs .
  • Voting power is earned directly via participation and engagement in the platform.
  • Governance of future direction and features of the Mintable platform.
  • Cannot be pumped and dumped as it is non-fungible, as compared to fungible ERC-20 tokens.
  • Voting to add NFT contracts to a list of community chosen approved contracts (that give more votes when bought or sold than other contracts)
  • Each person has their own unique NFT that can be sold or purchased.
  • Ability to add yield farming/staking into the voting NFTs if voted upon.
  • Ability to add revenue earning possibilities from our smart contracts if voted upon.

Next Gen Features

Reduced gas costs on everything

Auction system for any NFT

  1. Starting price
  2. Buy Now price
  3. Time left on the auction

Promote yourself and your artwork

Creators University

3D Images, MP4, MP3s, any file unlockable

Dev updates/Progress

QA team:

Dev work:


Finally, next steps:

Check us out and stay tuned for next Sunday’s update

Get a discount card before we go live



Ethereum lover and founder of Mintable.app

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