A free manager for all ERC-721s — Mintable.app launches its Alpha on December 1st.

The Problem


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Browsing through all the Gods Unchained cards

Mintable is a dApp we’ve been building for the last 4 months. It’s a resource for anyone who owns ERC-721s to use freely. You can manage almost all of the ERC-721s out there. You can browse all the ERC-721s created on the blockchain. And it’s a free generator¹ that allows for you to create ANY ERC-721 you want, and have complete ownership and access to it, within 30 seconds.

( ¹ Free during the alpha).

What You Can do on Mintable

Manage any ERC-721 token

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You have entered the Address for the contract and it loads it from the blockchain
  • Also browse within that contract for all its tokens
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This is the card you own, and you want to transfer it to a friend or sell it
  • Mint new tokens for contracts you own or made on mintable
  • Interact with the smart contract to transfer
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Checking out all the other cards on the Gods Unchained Contract and maybe looking for a card you want
  • Sell or collect the tokens to your profile (coming with beta and full launch)

Create a new ERC-721 with any data you want

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Two ways to create, quick and guided. Both allow you to create a new smart contract on the blockchain with ZERO code. You have complete ownership of the contract and tokens. You can mint as many as you want.
  • Create a smart contract on the blockchain with zero coding required
  • Fill out the details you want on it, and deploy!
  • You have complete ownership and get an email of the information
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Creating a new ERC-721 at Mintable.app — Please Note: I am actually a dinosaur. — (Don’t actually upload your passport, this is a horrible idea for security reasons.)

Mintable Launches December 1st and will hopefully be your easiest way to manage ERC-721s

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Our goals for Mintable:

  • To be the number one free service for anyone who has any ERC-721 NFT.
  • To be the easiest, friendliest way to interact with your tokens on the blockchain
  • To be a tool to let you manage your digital items, or create any digital item
  • To be a way for you to explore all the newly made items on the blockchain
  • To NEVER hold an ICO, or have its own Mintable token model. This is a free tool, and should be as easy as possible to use.
  • No coding, no ABI codes, just an address or a name.
  • in the future…. an exchange to sell these items, and some ground-breaking technology that has never been implemented on the ethereum blockchain, which will be announced at a later date during the beta.

Check out and make sure to favorite our site: https://mintable.app

If you love NFTs join Mintable’s discord!

discord: https://discord.gg/fUEmc8d

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Ethereum lover and founder of Mintable.app

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