A new type of DAO — For NFTs, by NFTs

The first NFT only DAO. Mintable is going decentralized — and as such we created a brand new type of DAO never done before — completely ran via special NFTs for voting and proposals.

A next gen DAO for a next gen dApp

A traditional DAO

A NFT ran DAO — introducing MINT

Mintable is going decentralized.

Mintable NFT DAO:

“What do you mean a DAO ran by NFTs?” — asked chad

Ok, cool, a DAO….but why NFTs? What’s the benefit?

Starting Dates

How a NFT DAO works

How to earn a voting NFT and get votes

How proposals works

Check us out and stay tuned for next Sunday’s update

Get a discount card before we go live

Legal Disclaimer — Voting NFT (MINT)

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