April Fools! Mintable not launching today — fails to meet its deadline again!

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We said we would launch on the 1st of April….

But we have failed again…. first we aimed for the end of february to launch our beta, then April 1st — and now we have to delay once again. This is due to trying to increase our functionality of the beta and improving the performance of the smart contracts for our users. We’ve been working hard and expect to be done in only a few weeks time! So… april fools on you guys! Sorry! (Not sorry)

Actually super sorry :(

But don’t worry…. April 15th is the new release date

We have a ton of new features in the beta and a massive design improvement!

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New homepage

What is coming in 2 weeks:

Create a digital item within seconds using Mintable’s Creator.

  • You can tokenize a picture
  • a rare baseballs in real life
  • business cards that you can send to people’s wallets
  • advertisements for a project that you can send to wallets
  • even your own trading card game on ethereum!
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Creating a digital badge easily

Easiest way to manage over 90% of all smart contracts for ERC-721 items

You can look up any ERC-721 contract with only it’s address and directly interact with it. This is currently the easiest way to interact and transfer, browse, or read any ERC-721 smart contract.

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Managing a Gods Unchained card from the browse page. So easy — no ABI code, no address needed.

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Mobile transferring of digital tokens! Use Coinbase Wallet or Trust wallet and its the easiest way to transfer your ERC-721s!

Use a mobile wallet and Mintable in their Dapp browser for mobile transferring and minting!

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Browsing all the cards on the contract and interacting directly with the smart contract.

See how easy is it to interact with your digital assets now??? #GameChanger.

Best of All — Profiles!

Save all your actions from creating a new smart contract, to transferring digital items, to minting new ones all in one place. You can even load your tokens in your wallet and display them on your public profile!

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My profile dashboard!

Emails are sent for everything you do so you always have an email copy of your transactions for referencing later!


We have built and are finalizing the SDK for any project to work directly with our smart contracts and generating service. This will be a real door opener for projects who want to tokenize assets but don’t have the blockchain experience. Stay tuned for a special article just on the SDK!

It’s coming soon! Stay tuned in the next few weeks

We are trying our hardest to finalize everything and get it working as smoothly as possible. Its a beta version but the groundwork is laid for the future plans we have —

The Future of Mintable

You’ll be uploading files as digital items (ERC-721s) and selling them on a marketplace. This marketplace will be the first digital files marketplace using ERC-721s. The possibilities are endless! Here are some examples of what you can do in the future on Mintable

Each token will have access to download and view whatever is uploaded to it. This is done via Mintable’s technology. Basically as a user — you will buy a token with a file attached, and only you, the owner of the token, can see and download that file.

  • Upload a PDF and sell the token — Make a PDF ebook, mint unlimited copies, post each token for sale for $5. If someone buys it — they can download and view your PDF e-book.
  • Upload videos and sell
  • Upload music to sell
  • Upload artwork
  • Upload data

Give us a shout out and like if you are excited for the next version 👏🎉beta coming soon!!!!! 🎉👏

Website — https://mintable.app

Discord — https://discord.gg/fUEmc8d

Email — zach@mintable.app

Twitter — https://twitter.com/mintableapp

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

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Ethereum lover and founder of Mintable.app

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