Digital Artwork. Blockchain. ETH. and OpenSea — what do they all have in common?

There is a step-by-step guide to creating art on the blockchain at the end

If you are an artist or designer then you understand the problems that digitalisation and digital copying can bring. The blockchain could be the answer for you, read on to find out how things can change now.

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What does this mean for you?

It means that within minutes you can mint NFTs for your digital art or designs ,without needing to know how to code or understand blockchain technology.

Minting and Creating Your Art Step by Step

Before you Start

  1. Set up your wallet and load it with ETH — You can buy ETH directly via metamask via https://coinbase.comguide to set up your wallet

Step 1: think about your art

  • Choose the art you want to tokenize and how many you want to release. By only making a few pieces official — it makes them more valuable of course — but you making a thousand for $2 each might be more reasonable. Depends on your art.

Step 2: Create a Smart Contract (time: ~1 min)

Using the UI on Mintable you can create your contract without needing to know how to code. Here is what an art store would look like if you were going to tokenize your art.

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Creating my Picasso Contract to hold my art
  • instructions on where to see your art
  • terms and services
  • links to your website to verify its legit
  • special code that verifies data in some way

Step 2: Mint your art tokens (time: ~2mins)

After you have confirmed your ethereum transaction you will have an email copy — and also a screen that present a receipt page. There is a “manage now button” you can click to directly manage your contract.

  • going to your profile and seeing your history then pressing manage
  • Finding it via the contract address on the search page
  • Searching for it via browse with the name of the contract
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Going to mint 5 tokens at a time because I only picked 5 batch minting
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There are 20 other fields you can use to help improve the scarcity or authenticity of your work
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25 of these….. ouch

These are also automatically added on — the leading exchange to buy and sell NFTs (digital items)

Step 3: Go to Opensea and sell away! (time: ~5mins)

Now that you are done minting tokens — you can go to and search for your contract’s name — or go directly to your contract using a link like this:

Its that simple within 8 minutes you’ve created a smart contract and tokens a digital items on the blockchain. How cool!

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An item for sale from a user on

👏🎉Use the Beta!!!🎉👏

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