Exclusive CryptoArt on Mintable — VESA Studio Experience & 99 NFTs Drop

VESA a leading artist, one of the first ever in the crypto space is working together with Mintable to provide a new experience for the world

The emerging metaverse has seen growth like never before in 2020, with december having over $8 million in sales alone. The physical crypto art space? Well that doesn’t exist yet…until now, thanks to Mintable.app and VESA.

It all started as a dream 12-years ago for Vesa, and it’s now fast becoming a reality. So what are we talking about is a mixture of cryptocurrency, digital artwork, and physical art. This mixture of content is then created on a blockchain and with a couple of clicks in your wallet of choice — you can purchase and own art from around the world — without ever leaving your chair.

Delicatessen by Vesa

You can buy one of the 99 digital prints of Delicatessen here: https://mintable.app/art/item/Delicatessen-99-Special-Edition-A-VESA-digital-original-limited-edition-artwork/TWPEI77WqkWHrq_

VESA has been creating digital art for 12-years and was among the first to enter the crypto art space in June 2017. His projects have reached people in the hundreds of millions before crypto, and they’ve received critical praise for their impact, innovation, and creative process even then. In the grand perspective, professor Michael Schwartz put VESA on the leading edge of Western abstraction in this Integral Institute feature back in 2014. This means the same league as Picasso, Dali, Rothko, Pollock, and many more now selling in the category of a 100MM+ per painting. After releasing the Metaverse studio NFT, VESA has now released 99 pieces of artwork for $99 each. And soon his famous patriot style paintings will get a new NFT form, with Brittany Kaiser, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower.

Despite this all, his NFT art is still undiscovered, and you can get in as an early investor for as low as 1 ETH on various limited edition forms. You won’t find him on the list of the most significant latest NFT sales, but it won’t be long before you do. So it’s an early investment opportunity into a career backed by 20 professional & passionate years of creativity, soon elevated to new realms.

The new space, in Helsinki, Finland, will be a house of creativity, crypto and NFT art, international projects of scale, and the razors edge of technological innovation in relation to creativity.

The 3D render of the new VESA studio now as a rare edition of 10 on Mintable will give you just that, the razor's edge of technological innovation in art. It includes 14 different digital art pieces in various forms. The 1/10 was already sold to a collector for 2 ETH with a ‘“buy now’’ option when tweeted out. The 2/10 is still available, and the remaining nine are all on auction, too, starting from as low as $1000. As you can imagine, this place is not cheap to build, so we aren’t talking big fiat bucks to be a part of history.


As another early investor opportunity, VESA is minting one of his ‘Share’ series works with only 100 edition for $99 each on Mintable. The piece, which is a cube-shaped bench inside the studio, is also featured in a Helsinki restaurant wall and refers to the Jay Z Song. You can have 99 problems but affording a cool NFT ain’t one. When dropped on Mintable.app anyone can expect to be able to buy a piece of artwork from the famous VESA for a low fraction of the normal sale prices his works pull.

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