Gas fees suck — mint NFTs without a transaction on Mintable!

Gas fees are the number one compliant we get from users — often waiting to mint their NFTs so they don’t need to pay $20-$40 to make a single item. Well now, that’ll never happen again as we released gasless minting!

Gas fees are a pain

Sometimes when the Ethereum network is super clogged down — it can cost upwards of $40 to mint a single NFT on the blockchain. Many users complain about this, and rightfully so.

You shouldn’t have to pay to create an NFT

Introducing Gasless Minting

Now when you go to create a new NFT on Mintable — you will have the option to make a transaction-free NFT or a traditional NFT.

All you need to do is sign a message and your NFT will be created.

This means new people who don’t want to spend money up front can start getting into the NFT space. As before it used to cost to mint a new NFT — now you can do it completely free of any gas fees.

You will be able to do everything you normally can do with an NFT and minting on Mintable, such as:

  • Batch Minting
  • Upload private files (300mb file limit on the private file, 100mb limit on the preview images, all files can be uploaded from mp4s, mp3s, jpgs, to GLB and zip files)
  • Make all sorts of NFTs from video NFTs to music, to access tokens, etc.

Get starting making NFTs on the blockchain for free

  1. Go to

2. Click the “sell” button at the top of the page

Click sell

3. Select create a new item, then gasless

4. Connect your wallet and/or login then make your first NFT!

Thats it!


What is gasless minting?

In short — it means you can make your item on the blockchain without needing to actually submit anything to the blockchain. This will allow a ton of new users into the NFT space by removing the friction of needing to pay to make an NFT.

All you need to do is sign a message and your NFT will be created.

Is this on L2 or mainnet?

This is on the main ethereum network!

Why won’t it appear in my wallet until transferred or purchased?

The way wallets look for NFTs is by listening for a transfer event — since there is no transaction on the blockchain — the transfer event only happens when someone buys it, or you transfer it to yourself or someone else. The item still exists, you can see it on Mintable, and you can see it on Etherscan. If you manually add it to your wallet — depending on the wallet, you should be able to see it.

Are there extra costs when someone buys the item then? (delaying the minting?)

Nope! Its already minted and the buyer or sender has no extra costs.

Is it an ERC-721 NFT?


Won’t this increase the amount of low quality NFTs or spam?

Potentially, which is why next week we will be releasing a new voting system to create a better way of browsing and viewing high quality NFTs!

This will help superb quality NFTs get more views and find more buyers!

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