Get YouTube #donations via cryptocurrency with a ‘digital donation badge’

This is a part of the What Can You Create Series using to create ERC-721 tokens on the blockchain.

disclaimer: this is just an example and not really a donation badge for Pewdiepie. This is not for sale.

What is Mintable and how can I create a badge?

Mintable lets you create digital items that you can sell for cryptocurrencies on NFT (digital items like ERC-721s) marketplaces like

You can create a digital token — post it for sale — and earn crypto from your community.

Its a new way to give back to your supporters — via giving them a REAL badge (ERC-721 token) on the blockchain.

Youtube supporter badges for donating

Who can do this: Anyone with a following on a streaming platform

If you want to offer a way for your supporters to buy and sell your badges for your channel you can! You can create a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain and make as many ERC-721 (NFT) tokens as you’d like. You can have special ones or rare ones, some for donators, some for special events like 10k subs, etc… and sell them. If your popular enough — maybe people will trade them. You can also use it as a way to get donations . After you make a token, its automatically listed on an Exchange where you can buy and sell these NFTs for ETH. You can also use it as a way to get donations — by checking the users Mintable profile you can grant them supporter role in your channel if they verified their YouTube username on Mintable!


What Can You Create Using Mintable?

Mintable lets you create a digital item that you can sell for cryptocurrencies on NFT (digital items like ERC-721s) marketplaces. So you can take a picture, some characteristics, give it a name, make it rare, and sell away for a profit. With each smart contract you can create multiple tokens and these tokens can be used to represent your digital items.

Here is an example: You are a graphic designer and you can make really cute or scary monsters. You make 50 of these unique cute things, and create a smart contract using Mintable called “My Scary Monsters — Limited Edition 2019”.

Then each token, is actually a picture of each one of your monsters. You can sell each token for whatever price you’d like, and if someone wants it — they can buy it!

See our full listicle of 20 top items you can tokenize right now and sell for ETH here:

👏🎉Use the Beta!!!🎉👏

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What to make as an NFT?:

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Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

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