How to buy and sell digital items (NFTs) on Mintable?

Mintable is a dApp which allows the users to buy and sell digital items (NFTs) on the blockchain. is a website that makes it easy and cheap to mint “Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)”. It allows you to trade NFTs on its platform, earn crypto, and collect awesome items. If you’re a newbie willing to enter into one of the largest parts of the crypto industry, then Mintable will be the best entry point.

What is Mintable?

Mintable is a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell digital items on the blockchain. Digital items are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that you see all over crypto — things like a cryptokitty, a digital baseball card, or artwork. NFTs are an individual token that resides on a blockchain like Ethereum or Zilliqa. Each NFT has unique data, which means that NFTs cannot be interchanged with each other. The non-fungible nature of the tokens means that their use cases vary from their fungible counterparts.

Mintable is a platform where you can easily convert your content such as files, artwork, music, PDFs, images, etc. into an item that lives on the blockchain. Mintable helps you create items on the blockchain, buy, and sell digital items. NFTs are useful in creating verifiable digital scarcity, NFTs have initially proven popular for blockchain games and collectibles due to this scarcity.

The Ethereum community has handpicked the ERC-721 protocol, which acts as a standard for Non-Fungible Tokens on Ethereum. CryptoKitties, CryptoCuties, and Decentraland are the projects which follow the ERC-721 protocol. has also adopted the ERC-721 standard for the creation of a digital item. On Zilliqa Mintable uses ZRC-1 — the NFT standard for the Zilliqa blockchain.

If you want to sell your digital items on this blockchain platform, then you should create a store.

How to create a store?

A store is a place where you can store your digital items. This store is nothing but a smart contract on the blockchain. When you create a store, you deploy a smart contract on the blockchain and pay the transaction fee. The store will have a unique address that only your store has, which means you can prove your store is unique, and only you can create digital items in your store.

Steps to create a store

  1. Visit or click on “create a store” in the top right of the page to begin the process.
  2. The category section represents the category of items you are selling. Through the category section, the buyers can store as they want. For example, if you’re selling art, filter it as artwork. For music, it would be media files.
  3. The title of your store is the name of your smart contract that will be displayed everywhere. Make sure the description is eye-catchy.
  4. In the subtitle section of your store, you can add more information about your store.
  5. Tags notify what your store is all about. They help users search for items and stores. So, you need to add up to 8 tags.
  6. The cover image represents the image for your store. If you have a good cover image, more people are attracted to your store.
  7. In the description section, describe your store and what’s inside.
  8. Once you confirm all your information is correct, you can submit your transaction to create smart contracts on the blockchain.
  9. After the transaction is completed, you can create new items in your store.

How to create an item to sell in a store?

In, you can create your content and sell it. The content lives on the blockchain forever. To create an item, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. The first step is to have a store or create a store.
  2. There is a “Sell” option in the top right of the page. Click on it and choose “Create a new item in my store”.
  3. A web page appears on the screen where you have to fill out all the necessary details like the store, category, token name, title, subtitle, tags, price, downloadable file, preview images/NFT image, metadata (optional), copyright, resellable, and mint only.
  4. Then, you will have two transactions to submit, which includes creating an item on the blockchain and posting it for sale on the marketplace.
  5. Your item is now created and listed for sale. Make sure you promote the link to attract more people around.

How to sell items from the wallet?

Mintable allows you to resell an item, sell another item from another app, or sell the items you haven’t listed.

  • To sell your items you need to ensure that you have a wallet and a blockchain item inside your wallet.
  • You can sell items from your wallet If you do not find the item in your wallet, you can add it directly through its smart contract address.
  • To sell your items directly, you need the contract address and token ID.

How to buy an item?

Mintable allows you to buy NFT and resell it, hodl it, trade it, and download it.

  • To buy NFT using Mintable, you need to choose an NFT of your choice.
  • Install zilPay and ensure that you hodl ZIL in your wallet.
  • Then, click on the buy option to confirm your choice.
  • After entering all the payment details, click “Proceed to Pay” and submit the transaction via ZilPay.
  • The transaction will be processed on the blockchain and within a few seconds, you will see a new button, wherein you can view the item in your profile. Now you’re good to go.
  • The “My Orders” page on your profile will have all your items. After the approval of your transaction on the blockchain, you can refresh the page to ensure it is completed.

Why use Mintable?

Mintable supports two blockchains, Ethereum and Zilliqa. The addition of Zilliqa into this category is advantageous because of Zilliqa’s rich features. It is cheaper to mint an item on the Mintable platform. The advantages of using the Mintable platform are:

  • When creating a new item, Mintable guides you thoroughly through the process.
  • You need not perform coding or programming to create smart contracts. You just need to fill the necessary information.
  • When compared to Ethereum, Zilliqa is much cheaper to mint an item on Mintable.
  • Whenever someone purchases your items, the amount (ZIL) is directly transferred to your wallet. Hence, there is no involvement of any third-party.
  • The customer support of Mintable is proactive in its services.
  • You can create your own store to promote and sell your content.


Artists and innovators who want to promote and monetize their creativity can do so on the Mintable platform. Mintable is a user-friendly digital marketplace platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade assets on the Zilliqa blockchain. This blockchain is powered by smart contracts that help the buyers to easily verify the authenticity of their artworks and collectibles.

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