How to create and gift Digital Awards with Mintable — perfect for hackathons

How to create NFT awards for any digital event within a few minutes and with no strings attached

Coming soon to every crypto event of 2020
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Why would we make a digital award?

Heres how it works:

  • You create a NFT smart contract on for free — 2 mins
  • You mint your three badges/awards/trophies — 2 mins
  • You transfer to the winner or sell the badges/awards — 2 mins

Did we mention we don’t have a token, nor an ICO? We never will. We are a tool for the NFT ecosystem.

Detailed Guide — step by step

First off: “Why would I do this?”

  1. Your a project or event who wants to offer a new collectible token as an award or ticket
  2. Your event wants to target crypto-users by selling or marketing these digital items you’ve made.
  3. You have a event or business and don’t know how to make smart contracts or don’t want to pay thousands to hire a smart contract developer

Before you Start

  1. Install Metamask — Link or use a mobile wallet like Ambo or Coinbase Wallet
  2. Set up your wallet and load it with ETH — You can buy ETH directly via metamask via https://coinbase.comguide to set up your wallet

Step 1: Create a Smart Contract on Ethereum (time: ~3 min)

My smart contract I’ll create.
  • Your website
  • Details about the avatar/character
  • terms and services
  • Stats/data for the item
  • Event information, location, etc etc.

If you don’t have Metamask or If your on mobile — use Coinbase Wallet or Trust wallet on iOS/Android

Step 2: Mint your tokens (time: ~2mins)

  • going directly to it via the url style above (
  • going to your profile and seeing your history then pressing view
  • Finding it via the contract address on the manager page
Going to mint 5 tokens at a time because I only picked 5 batch minting
Making my avatars under my genesis shop contract (where all my items are stored)

These are also automatically added on — the leading exchange to buy and sell NFTs (digital items)

Step 3: Go to Opensea and sell away! (time: ~5mins)

or press sell on OpenSea

Its that simple within ~5 minutes you’ve created a smart contract and tokens a digital items on the blockchain. How cool!

What Else Can I Create Using Mintable?

👏🎉Use the Beta!!!🎉👏



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