How to create your own unique NFT?

Have you ever wondered how those neat and distinct looking NFT art pieces are created? I don’t know how to code, can I create them myself? What about a single piece or a collection? Will I be able to sell them at profit?

This is a quick guide to make your very own Non-Fungible Token, Convert your Art, or your proprietary immutable, ownership provable tokenized digital assets in less then 15 mins!

What can I convert?

Here are some examples of, files that you can convert into NFT’s and some existing platforms that can aid you with this.

If you are familiar with any of these platforms you would know and understand that none of them truly give us users the flexibility that we need with NFTs. Furthermore, and very importantly, none of them allow us to retain complete ownership over the smart contract. Which is an extremely important issue, when dealing with your own unique creations.

Here’s where Mintable comes in.

They were the first platform to allow anyone to make their own NFT and retain complete ownership over the smart contract, the first tool to batch mint NFTs, the first tool to manage your NFTs from any ERC-721 contract and the first NFT only DAO.

Mintable is a NFT only DAO.

The first of its kind, Mintable does not have an alt-coin nor will it ever have. Which means there are and never will be any ERC 20 only ERC721. Thankfully they do as such because that means we will never get pumped and dumped as everything is non-fungible, as compared to fungible ERC-20 tokens. As a DAO the governance of future direction and features of the Mintable platform will be fully decided by us the users, and we will be able to earn voting power just by simply contributing participating and engaging on the platform. Isn’t that what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization should truly stand for! So enough about the specifics lets get to it!

How can I use Mintable 2.0 to create my very own NFT.

Gather your files

To begin in creating your very own NFT , you’ll start by getting your media in order. NFT can support an array of files, like visual files (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), music files (MP3, etc.), 3D files (GLB, etc.)

Mintable allows an array of different file types and its as easy as a few clicks with their extremely user friendly interface to convert your files into NFTs

Mint with Flexibility.

Unlockable Private Files up to 3gb

Typically on any other platforms, your digital art can be easily downloaded, replicated or simply allow others to save the file shown in the marketplace, Mintable V2.0 Platform will mitigates this issue with private unlockable files, making your work of art truly special. Only the current owner of the NFT can download/access/see that file and the owner can use a low res or watermark-ed image to display on Mintable public marketplace. Minable gives you the choice of how you want to display your NFT publicly on the marketplace, which means it is entirely up to your personal preference!

Batch-mint your NFT’s

Minting NFTs one by one is normally cumbersome, inefficient and will cost you a lot of time and gas-fees. Mintable has redesigned the ERC-721 standard to improve its optimization and allow for larger batch minting amounts. Which means you can now batch mint up to 2,000 NFTs in a single transaction for your project/followers, each completely unique, and 100% ERC-721 compatible (meaning they work on every marketplace, every wallet, every dapp automatically).

List your NFTs in the marketplace

Take your newly created and minted NFTs and list them on the marketplace on Mintable, Mintable Auction works just like eBay. Bidding happens until the auction is over, or if someone buys the item immediately with the buy now price. Then the bid winner will have 3 days to make a payment and receive the NFT. You can also decide to sell that you do not want your NFT to be resold after you sell it, this feature is also possible on Mintable with a click of a button, whoever buys it won’t be able to resell it at all on Mintable.

Message your buyers.

Clearly communicate and answer the questions of your consumers with the messaging feature that Mintable provides! When your potential customer’s intention to buy is high, direct communication between you and your buyer can greatly increase the success rate for transactions.

Host your metadata.

On Mintable you will have the flexibility to decide whether or not you would like to decentralize your metadata, this matters to some and are not important to others. Which is why on Mintable you can decide whether you would like them to handle it which is at a simple click of a button, host your metadata directly on IPFS using Mintable.You also have the choice of hosting your metadata on any other platform such as Arweave or filecoin, or host the metadata on your server for complete control.

Promote your NFTs on different channels.

Promote your NFTs so it doesn’t get lost with all the thousands of other NFTs for sale. Their Go Pro section allows sellers to get media blasts, mentions in email newsletters, or even a custom worldwide press release for their creation. Boost your listings, so Mintable can get the right impressions for your products. On their previous Zilliqa version, some of their boosted NFTs have been seen over 20,000 times! So don’t for get this crucial step!

Learn more and learn to improve on being the best seller!

Mintable will soon launch their Creators University, which will organize a variety of classes for creators on how to be an effective seller and make highly sought after NFTs. Join the community and learn how to sell effectively!

So with this, what are you waiting for? Take this knowledge and make use of this amazing platform to take your portion of this quickly growing and expanding market of NFTs today.

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