How to Manage your Crypto Assault units. Transferring items, and more with Mintable

Crypto Assault trailer — Pretty rad game — aye?

Crypto is a MMO on the Ethereum blockchain where you have units (think tanks and planes) that you set up around your map and attack other players.

This tutorial will show you how to manage your units and interact with them on Mintable.

First look at our Inventory using

My one item I want to manage — this is my jet, maybe I want to sell it or give it away

That is my jet — we are going to transfer it to someone else using Mintable — very easily.

First, all Crypto Assault Units are in the Smart contract found at this address: 0x31af195db332bc9203d758c74df5a5c5e597cdb7

So lets take that address and load it into Mintable!

Simply go to and put the address into any of the search bars or use

(Shortcut: Take your token ID from the first page and put it in the URL like this:

You should see this:

Approve metamask and load the item
Everything loaded properly

Step 2: Transfer

Remember that first step where we loaded our inventory from Well….we need an ID number from that page. Look at the bottom of the page for your item and you’ll see…


The number is your token ID, for example, mine is 4669

See the tokenID at the bottom? 4669 is mine — whats yours?

Put this token ID in the URL for Mintable, or just search for your token on the manager page.



Finding my item by looking up its token ID

Now you’ve loaded the token that you own!

Transfer away!

Transferring my Black bird jet

Enter the address of who you want to send your item to (could be a smart contract like an exchange).

Make sure the tokenID is the same one as the one displayed in your inventory page and send the transaction!

Don’t forget to get an email receipt so you can see your transaction history via email

Note: If you ever get a REKT page — try the following:

  • Refresh the page
  • Make sure metamask or your mobile wallet is properly unlocked and on the main ethereum network
  • Try using Chrome or Brave or Opera or Trust Wallet
  • If it still doesn’t work — contact us via the help button! We are sorry and will fix it asap!

Remember Mintable is still in the Alpha — so there are some bugs. We are constantly working to fix these. Currently firefox is having issues and doesn’t seem to properly work with Mintable.

Get a Early Supporter NFT that has a discount for life on it

We have opened the donation ability to support our development since we are not monetizing Mintable during the alpha.

You can donate to support us via the homepage. It’s all handled via smart contracts and naturally, we’ve minted a limited amount of commemorative digital items for our earliest supporters. Each one of the first 1,000 Mintable Donation Cards, get 100% off ALL SMART CONTRACT FEES on Mintable for life.

Later down the road during the beta (February) and the full launch (Summer time), there will be tons of new features and some of those features will cost a slight fee.

For example, if you want to upload a book on our API, you can do that, but it’s just $2. That’s fairly cheap right?

If you have a lot of erc-721s that you want you sell on our exchange in the Beta, it would be worth it to have 100% no fees, so you don’t have to pay $3 to list an item. (Example if you are selling game items and you have 100 items, that would be $300 in fees you would reduce.)

Finally — all these cards are sellable and tradeable on any ERC-721 exchange you want, you own them! Do whatever you want with them.

How the discount works: Whenever you interact with our smart contracts if you own one of those cards, your fees will be discounted the amount on the card. If you have a 100% discount card there will be zero fees on your transaction. (except normal gas costs we can’t help that).

Use the alpha!

If you haven’t minted your own ERC-721 yet… be sure to visit today and have a try.

Website —

Discord —

Email —

Questions — just comment below or reach out on the site

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!



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