How to use ERC-721 Tokens To Fund A Kickstarter Type Project

This is a quick guide on different types of NFTs (digital items on the blockchain) you can create using Mintable.

Got a project and want to do a unique method of funding?

This is the data for our token — minus anything else you want to add (which you probably should)

These tokens are all special — each one is different. So here is how you tokenize your kickstarter type project and earn ETH. For under $50

Here is an example of the token we will make for a VR project that wants to raise $50,000.

This is what the supporter would see on for $35 in ETH.

Step 1: Create a Smart Contract on Ethereum (time: ~1 min)

I’ve entered the data for my project

Go through and add any information you think is related or relevant for your project or supporters to know. You have 20 fields of data that could include:

  • contract information
  • instructions on redeeming
  • terms and services links
  • special code that verifies data in some way

After its confirmed and looking good — submit your transaction via metamask an Ethereum wallet in your browser.

If you don’t have Metamask or If your on mobile — use Coinbase Wallet or Trust wallet on iOS/Android

You just made a smart contract in this step — that contract has a unique address that no other contract will ever have — this is called the contract address — you can manage your token at anytime by going to:

Step 2: Mint your tokens (time: ~2mins)

Load your token in the manager by either:

  • going directly to it via the url style above (
  • going to your profile and seeing your history then pressing manage
  • Finding it via the contract address on the search page
  • Searching for it via browse with the name of the contract

Once loaded you’ll be able to do this…

Going to mint 5 tokens at a time because I only picked 5 batch minting

Here is where you make your special tokens for each case. If you want 25 donation items to sell for $35 dollars — you would make that token look something like this

This is how I make 25 tokens that I will post for sale for $35 each

After you submit the transaction and it has been confirmed on the blockchain you will have 25 new tokens in your wallet.

These are also automatically added on — the leading exchange to buy and sell NFTs (digital items)

Step 3: Go to Opensea and sell away! (time: ~5mins)

Here you can set the price for the sale — and then share the link to buy it. Thats it. Your done.

Its that simple within 8 minutes you’ve created a smart contract and tokens a digital items on the blockchain. How cool!

An item for sale from a user on

What Else Can You Create Using Mintable?

Here is an example: You are a graphic designer and you can make really cute or scary monsters. You make 50 of these unique cute things, and create a smart contract using Mintable called “My Scary Monsters — Limited Edition 2019”.

Then each token, is actually a picture of each one of your monsters. You can sell each token for whatever price you’d like, and if someone wants it — they can buy it!

See our full listicle of 20 top items you can tokenize right now and sell for ETH here:

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What to make as an NFT?:

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Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

Make NFTs. Sell NFTs. Earn ETH.