Imagine a free ERC-721 Manager for every item out there. Its coming! Mintable can do this

I’ve got cryptokitties, EtherCraft Items, Gods Unchained Cards, Fighting Robots, Collectible Dogs, Artwork, and digital avatars all on my Ethereum wallet…..but man are they tough to figure out how to transfer, sell, or move.

This is what Mintable does, as easily as possible.

If you don’t know what ERC-721s are, here is a brief explainer…otherwise if you know about them, feel free to skip it.

What are ERC-721s

ERC-721 are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain that have data for each token, making them non-fungible (unique and without set value). These are trading cards, where each card is a token, and your collection of tokens make up a deck of cards for a game called Gods Unchained. Each player has many cards (owns many tokens).

You can get these items, called ERC-721 Non-fungible Tokens, by interacting with different services/games on the blockchain. Every week multiple new games are released where items or objects are made as ERC-721 tokens for you to digitally own via your Ethereum address. Items like collectible cats, pokemon cards, baseball cards, trading card games, resource management games, etc.

An Example of NFTs

To help wrap your mind about ERC-721s and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), I like to give this example.

We know tokens are these digital tokens you own, and we can see that you own these tokens by looking at your address, like you can see you own money in the bank. Since its the blockchain, you can see your balance of tokens, anywhere in the world.

A normal token, is just a token, think a digital coin. A coin doesn’t have a unique name for each coin, a coin doesn’t have an ID, its just a penny, and every penny is a penny.

A NFT (non-fungible TOKEN), is also a coin, but this coin has a USB chip in it, that holds data. So now when I give you a penny, it has a USB chip in it, that says my name, my phone number, and a message saying “Thanks for your lemonade, here is payment”.

This is the special metadata that can be put on a NFT. This metadata can be ANYTHING.

Lets imagine you are traveling the world and have an ethereum wallet, like your credit card or bank account, you will have it with you and have access. Since you know you have global access to the blockchain and NFT technology, you can take things a step further.

You upload your passport photo as an image to a NFT.

Don’t actually upload your passport, this is a horrible idea for security reasons.

You upload a picture of your passport, to a new NFT. This NFT is given to your ethereum address and you now own a token that has the special data you put on it. In this case its your passport.

You did this so that:

  • Now you can access a picture of your passport, anywhere in the world, as long as you have blockchain access.
  • You can verify that you are who you say you are, by using a KYC method built into blockchain services
  • If you lose you passport, you have a copy that anyone can get access to

(Note: Don’t actually do this. This is a horrible idea for security reasons — but this is a great example of showing ANYTHING can be used in someway with NFTS)

That’s one example of an NFT. It could be anything. It could be…

  • a newspaper clipping
  • a patent you want to have public proof of display
  • a deed to an item
  • a certificate
  • a digital item (video game item)
  • A token for access (social clubs, or physical access)
  • so much more…

Mintable— How you can create, manage, and explore all the Non-Fungible Tokens on the blockchain

Mintable is a dApp I’ve been building for the last 4 months. Its’ a resource for anyone who owns ERC-721s to use freely. You can manage 75%* of all ERC-721s out there. You can browse all the ERC-721s created on the blockchain. And its a free¹ generator that allows for you to create ANY ERC-721 you want, and have complete ownership and access to it, immediately.

(*This is the alpha, once the full launch happens, we hope to support 98%+ of all ERC-721s, ¹ Free during the alpha).

What You Can do on Mintable

You can:

Manage any ERC-721 token

You have entered the Address for the contract and it loads it from the blockchain
  • Also browse within that contract for all its tokens
This is the card you own, and you want to transfer it to a friend or sell it
  • Mint new tokens for contracts you own or made on mintable
  • Interact with the smart contract to transfer
Checking out all the other cards on the Gods Unchained Contract and maybe looking for a card you want
  • Sell or collect the tokens to your profile (coming with beta and full launch)

Create a new ERC-721 with any data you want

Two ways to create, quick and guided. Both allow you to create a new smart contract on the blockchain with ZERO code. You have complete ownership of the contract and tokens. You can mint as many as you want.
  • Create a smart contract on the blockchain with zero coding required
  • Fill out the details you want on it, and deploy!
  • You have complete ownership and get an email of the information

Mintable Launches December 1st and will hopefully be your easiest way to manage ERC-721s

Mintable has some high hopes and dreams, we hope we will achieve them all and we want you to be apart of it!

Our goals for Mintable:

  • To be the number one free service for anyone who has any ERC-721 NFT.
  • To be the easiest, friendliest way to interact with your tokens on the blockchain
  • To be a tool to let you manage your digital items, or create any digital item
  • To be a way for you to explore all the newly made items on the blockchain
  • To NEVER hold an ICO, or have its own Mintable token model. This is a free tool, and should be as easy as possible to use.
  • No coding, no ABI codes, just an address or a name.
  • in the future…. an exchange to sell these items, and some ground-breaking technology that has never been implemented on the ethereum blockchain, which will be announced at a later date during the beta.

What are your thoughts? We are looking for feedback before we launch the alpha on December 1st. We know we will get a lot of feedback once we are launched, but we want to improve Mintable and make it as seamless and easy to use as possible.

Any feedback is welcomed!

Mintable will be launching soon on December 1st. It is the alpha, there will be bugs. It will evolve as time goes on, but we hope you can use it and provide feedback so that we can make it the best it can be. More information will be provided closer to the date.

If you have questions, or want to provide feedback, or if you are wanting to help our project and join the team, join our discord!