Leading NFT Creators Platform ‘Mintable’ partners with Entertainment and Sports Giant — Jetcoin

Mintable, the leading NFT (non-fungible tokens) creators platform has partnered with Jetcoin Institute, the blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform created to launch the careers of future stars. Their newest Jetcoin Champion, Burmese model May Myat Noe is the Burmese beauty pageant title holder and fashion model holding the titles of Miss Myanmar, Miss Asia Pacific World, and Asia’s Next Top Model finalist among her many achievements.

Mintable will be offering tokenization services for Jetcoin’s upcoming talent including the likes of May Myat Noe and many others. The two company’s collaboration will help the blockchain world move one step further into the entertainment industry — by offering unique, trackable, blockchain assets to collectors around the world.

May Myat Noe

Jetcoin Institute — blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform

Eric Alexandre is an accomplished fashion photographer and creative director, and now serves as the CEO and Founder of Jetcoin Institute. Jetcoin was established as a unique launch pad for tomorrow’s superstars in the fields of sports and entertainment. With a unique concept that is powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology, Jetcoin Institute heralds another world first by partnering with the first NFT creation and management platform on the Ethereum blockchain; connecting the two world first holders into one powerplay of blockchain technology.

Jetcoin Champions

Mintable.app — The Leading NFT Creators Platform

The team at Mintable.app has made it their mission to unlock NFTs’ power for everyone. With Mintable you can create ERC-721 smart contracts and mint tokens for any digital good or real world good in seconds. With Mintable you have the flexibility and freedom to create a Smart Contract and mint NFTs — creating a new digital item on the blockchain without coding required. Unlike many dApps, with Mintable you own any smart contract and tokens you create, they are yours and you decide what to do with them. Mintable is intent on helping grow the adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To do so, Mintable continues to build out the tools offered for, both, creators as well as the end-users who need a space to manage their digital collectibles. The decentralized application’s (dApp) beta went live in March of this year and has since grown exponentially with over 2,500 tokens created by content creators and artists alike.

Jetcoin and Mintable are hosting an official after party of BlockShow Asia, the years largest cryptocurrency conference in Singapore during the famous Singapore Fintech Festival Week. The afterparty dubbed — CRYPTO HIGH HASH RATE VIP PARTY @ ALTIMATE will be on the 14th of November and tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite. Jetcoin, who is partnered with Phantom Models, will be showcasing their entertainment platform and wallet to support the rise of upcoming talent in the business.

New Era Digital Items

Eric Alexandre recently spoke about the partnership between the two blockchain firms saying, “I’m very excited to be working with Mintable — it’s beyond great what it means for our talent and their ability to engage their audiences. We will be changing the entertainment industry using blockchain to do it.”

Singapore Slinging

Connect with the Mintable and Jetcoin teams, as well as the famous supermodels of Phantom Models at the after party on November 14th in Singapore. Be sure to look out for the upcoming NFT collectibles powered by Mintable that support and tokenize the rising talents of the entertainment and sports industries.

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