Mint any ERC-721 you want in seconds -Manage all your 721 assets — easily. is LIVE — try it right now.

Try it now:

Look up an asset — Blockchain Cuties Token #24

(this is a Blockchain Cuties Card, you can browse through all the blockchain cuties, or you can mint your own token)

If you don’t know what ERC-721 tokens are, see some of our recent posts to learn more:

What is Mintable

The dApp’s namesake comes from the fact that it’s a generator allowing you to mint any ERC-721 you want and have complete ownership and access to it; all within 30 seconds.

Why did we make it?

It’s like playing an MMORPG without a bank or inventory. You need somewhere to manage, see, view, interact with your assets

Mintable is here to fix that problem. Having been in the ERC-721 space since the beginning — I realized this is something all participants need and can benefit from. We all need a way to manage our 721 assets — a way that doesn’t include using ABI codes and complex addresses (if our grandmothers can’t do it, then its not going to be mass adopted).

So for the past 4 months we have been working hard to solve all the problems with current ERC-721 ecosystems. Such as:

  • Transferring and exchanging your items — Most places provide a very meek interface for transfers — if they even provide anything at all!
  • Browsing the items and their value — Try to find your Gods Unchained token ID…. go ahead…. I’ll wait.
  • Selling and Collecting — Where can you display a shopping list of items you want? Or sell your own items on a DEX?

What you can do on Mintable

Mint — Make a smart contract that YOU own, for free.

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Minting a new smart contract with three simple steps
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Image for post
Uploading a passport image of my dinosaur

Manage — Easily move or interact with your digital items

Image for post
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Checking out all the other cards on the Gods Unchained Contract and maybe looking for a card you want
Image for post
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Transfering my Blockchain Cuties — No ABI, super easy

Browse — Look at all the newly searched and minted digital items

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Browsing — There isn’t much now — but if you search a ERC-721 it’ll be added automatically.

Compatible with Mobile Wallets

You need a wallet connected to send transactions and mint items.

But we work with the major mobile wallets! Here is an example using Coinbase Wallet

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Using coinbase wallet on an android phone

What’s coming next?

  • User accounts to show off your collectibles publicly, or to just manage your own items privately
  • Testing advanced features coming in the full launch
  • API for both storing information and for businesses to connect with Mintable
  • Testing the Decentralized Smart contract exchange for 721s.

How can I help?

Maybe we will add some gift or ERC-721 as a thank you?

Use the alpha!

Discord —

Email —

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

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