Mintable 2.0 — a next gen NFT marketplace

Released in two phases — two marketplaces, two blockchains

Since the beginning of 2019 we’ve been planning a new type of NFT marketplace

Mintable began as an NFT creator tool — allowing anyone to create an NFT within a few seconds and have as many options over the control of the NFT as possible. Since we launched in 2018, we’ve had thousands of NFTs created on our platform and deployed hundreds of smart contracts for users.

But we’ve always planned to be more, and we are happy to announce that very soon we will be going live with Mintable 2.0.

“Whats coming”? Any NFT can be sold on Mintable…and it’s a much better selling experience than current NFT marketplaces

Any NFT from a cryptokitty to your artwork you made on rarible or superrare can be sold on Mintable.

But why sell them on Mintable?

Because the selling experience will be top notch — its the next generation of NFT marketplaces.

We are so confident in this fact — there is a very high possibility that after we go live — every other NFT marketplace will start offering some of the new features we are offering. It’s just a no brainer.

We’ve noticed these missing features in all marketplaces for NFTs and we are providing them.

Some of the features we will have (without ruining the surprise of the others):

  • How do you want to host your content? Host on IPFS? Host it yourself? Or just quickest and we host it?
  • How will buyers see your NFTs? We’ve got that covered with a variety of features.
  • How is your reputation known with the NFT community?
  • How do you protect your content? Want your NFT to be resold? Maybe not?
  • Copyright — do you want to offer commercial copyright transfer so the new owner can display/use your content commercially?
  • 3D artworks? Easy. Done.
  • Music? Sure why not.
  • Royalties? Yep.
  • High gas fees….. don’t worry. We have a new type of NFT that you can make up to….well we don’t know the upper limit because we can’t find it. So thousands and its only one transaction.
  • What about my brand? Yep. Branded areas for your NFTs to live in and be sold/seen.
  • and the list goes on…. we are even looking into credit card purchases.
  • There are a few special items on here that we just cannot share until we go live…. some tech that hasn’t been done yet and we are super excited for the possibilities of it. to sign up (this works for both apps not just zilliqa)

Two blockchains — Ethereum and Zilliqa — Two apps — and

To start off — we know most of the NFT users, use ethereum, we love ethereum and have no plans to require anyone to use any other blockchain.

But we are offering the option to use either by providing a completely separate app that works on the zilliqa blockchain.

Both blockchains are using a DEX smart contract to sell NFTs

We will have DEX (decentralized exchange) smart contracts on both chains and users can list their NFTs for sale on those contract. There is no expiration time for your listing, once you place it, it will remain for sale until you cancel the listing.

One day you’ll wake up and have beautiful ETH or ZIL in your wallet and an email saying your NFT has been sold!

Anyone can build another system to read and use these contracts to build front-ends or UIs for them like any other DEX.

First we go live on Zilliqa and then shortly after the Ethereum app goes live!

July 30th will go live. It’ll be:

  • The first and only NFT marketplace on Zilliqa
  • Instantly integrated with .ZIL domains from
  • Easiest way to make NFTs on the zilliqa blockchain.

Anyone will be able to create their artworks, content, and so much more as NFTs just like you normally can now on — but also you’ll be able to sell them.

Invite system and 2.5% back every time an item is sold

Until July 30th we are doing a special 2.5% rewards system if you sign up.

You have a special invite link that can be used 5 times a day.

You invite your friends to sell on Mintable and whenever they sell an item (once we are live after July 30th) — you get 2.5% of the total amount!

The fees come out of our pocket, not the buyer, not the seller. So its free money for you.

If you invited 100 people and they all sold NFTs at an average price of $50 total per month, you’d make roughly $100 a month! No strings attached.

But the catch is — its invite only.

You can find links on twitter

You can find links on twitter by asking for an invite — there should be someone willing to give you a link!

Ethereum version and release

The ethereum version will take a bit longer to finish than the Zilliqa one — because we are adding so many extra features and never before done things on an NFT marketplace. So thats why we are releasing the Zilliqa one first, the eth one just isn’t finished yet.

The ETH version should be out shortly after August, so maybe a month or two from now. will be taken down and replaced with the new Mintable 2.0 version. You’ll still be able to manage your NFTs you’ve made and you’ll still be able to create NFTs. But now you’ll be able to sell them on Mintable as well.

$0 fee weekends

For the Zilliqa launch and Ethereum launch we will have periods of no fees on our platforms to encourage buying and selling.

Our fees are not set in stone. They will change to encourage people to buy and sell more NFTs. Sometimes they will be at their max of 3% for ETH and 5% for Zilliqa, sometimes they will be 0.

Supermodels, race cars and football players

As a side note: we are working with another project — to bring some cutting edge NFTs to the open market. They will be going live on Mintable as one of the projects using our marketplace to release their NFTs.

There are some super cool things about these NFTs, but thats for Jetcoins to share. Give them a follow on twitter Jetcoin or check out their site.

So get excited and sign up to get an invite link!

Sign up: (this sign up will work for both ETH and ZIL versions, you can use either one you want when its live. Not required to use zilliqa.)

but wait… its invite only :( …. go ask on twitter!

If you have a ton of NFTs you want to sell, or are a content creator — sign up to our powersellers program and fill out the google form so we can onboard you before we go live — giving you $50–100 worth of freebies and having your work on the marketplace before anyone else.



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