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No gas fees for creating NFTs — why not also support a gas free solution for everything??? Immutable X is that answer

Match made in heaven

Today we’re announcing a partnership with @Immutable to leverage its Immutable X technology to help us achieve the vision of opening up the future of NFT marketplaces to the masses.

We care deeply about the power of NFT ownership and the future of assets living on open, secure infrastructure. Current gas and scaling limitations have prevented a lot of new users from joining the NFT revolution. Scaling needs to happen without compromising on decentralization or moving off the Ethereum network. Reducing friction is critical.

What are Mintable’s goals?

As you know — Mintable is an open marketplace for selling, creating, and trading NFTs on Ethereum. But we have a problem — gas fees. Our gasless minting is completely free to mint an NFT — but there are still fees to buy that NFT, which sucks! We want to be a mass market NFT marketplace and in order to achieve that we need to have some sort of solution for cheaper, easier onboarding and fees.

For example — our governance token MINT is great and a lot of people have been buying it — but in order to vote in our DAO, you need to pay gas fees, which means any vote is costing you money, it shouldn’t be that way. We want maximum interaction with as little friction as possible.

Why did we choose Immutable X?

Immutable X is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, with instant confirmation, massive scalability, and no gas fees without compromising user security.

  • Zero gas fees
  • Easy onboarding
  • Instant transactions
  • Users maintain self-custody of your NFTs
  • Mainstream-quality user experience
  • More attractive user experience mechanics like efficient trading, free minting, DAO voting, which are cost prohibitive on Ethereum today.
  • Great for our Governance NFT

In the search for true decentralization

Another key aspect of Immutable X is that users will remain in control of their items and they’re all tied back to the security and interoperability of the main Ethereum blockchain so they won’t be locked into a walled garden like Flow or other private blockchains.

Competitor sidechains like Flow and Matic have made tradeoffs in asset security and or decentralization. If you are not consuming ETH you are not providing consumable demand for Ethereum. You need to rely on ethereum as your layer 1 for security. That is the definition of Layer 2. Matic is secured by Matic. Immutable X is secured by Ethereum.

Immutable are truly pro Ethereum

Immutable has shown dedication to the Ethereum ecosystem and have been at the forefront of scaling solutions over that time frame. As the makers of one of the first large scale games on Ethereum — Gods Unchained — they’ve learned a ton about the network, scaling on top of it and what is needed from a solution to be practical for game developers.

“This partnership is a tremendous addition to our growing Immutable’s ecosystem. We want to be everywhere nft fans are and Mintable’s dedication to break new ground in empowering audiences with smart contracts is mind blowing. We are excited to welcome the communities and work with Mintable app to grow nft marketplaces.” said Robbie Ferguson, Cofounder Immutable.

Looking ahead

Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing more info about our plans to work in Immutable X.

Immutable X alpha release is expected in March 2021 for Gods Unchained, and coming to soon after.

About Immutable

Immutable is an Australian-based company and market leader in blockchain gaming. Through the Immutable X platform, the company is bringing transparency to the opaque world of in-game economies and providing gamers with true digital property rights.

They are responsible for launching the most successful blockchain Trading Card Game, Gods Unchained, which is headed up by Chris Clay, the former director of Magic the Gathering Arena.

Ethereum developers minting onto Immutable X include: SuperfarmDAO, (defi nft farm), Epics.GG,(collectibles) Illuvium (auto battler RPG) , Lucid Sight (MLB Champions Baseball, Crypto Space Commander), War Riders (post-apocalyptic MMO), Gods Unchained (TCG), Guild of Guardians (mobile RPG) and Mintable app (nft minting).

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