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🎉Catch all of the highlights in our first week of launch! Featuring amazing #NFT art by #cryptoartist & all of the recent updates on Mintable. Thank you everyone for your active participation! 🥰 Looking forward to see more amazing creation from you. 😎

Mintable V2.0 launched on 30th November and we are thankful to the NFT community for your tremendous support! 65 ongoing auctions, hundreds of direct messages sent and lots of upcoming exclusive drop to come — we are just getting started!

Here are some of the “FIRST” we had on Mintable V2.0.

The first NFT sold — Cherry Hottie’s Original CHERRY Girl Artwork

@cherry_hotwife’s NSFW artwork is the first NFT sold on Mintable! Congratulations on winning the 1,000 $MINT and welcome onboard Mintable’s governance. $MINT Voting NFTs allows you to votes on proposals submitted on the DAO page. With 10,000 Votes, users can propose for ANYTHING to be added or changed on Mintable if voted upon!

The first auction Chissweetart’s “Rare Digital Lithium

And we have the first-ever NFT up for bid! Mintable’s auction feature works just like eBAY. Place your bid and you will receive a notification when you get outbid. The winning bidder will have 3 days to make payment. No transactions will take place during bids. Oh, you can only bid with the maximum balance you have in your wallet.

Week 1’s Featured Artwork

Pak’s “One for the Prophecies
The first 1/1 Meta token by @muratpak dropped exclusively on Mintable. Pak is one of the most influential NFT artists ever since minting his first work, “Cloud Monument Dark” back in February. With a starting bid at $1, “One for the Prophecies’’ sold for $4,900 after an intense bid war during the last hour of the auction! Congratulations to @Goltra for winning the bid and thank you for your feedback😎.

Altered Data’s “Pixels Drops

A beautiful glitch piece from artist @domibarra, an Italian artist well known in his area of glitch art! Glitch witchcraft & digital alchemy combined to enhance the visual quality of pixels matter. Data is processed through two different scripts, one for pixel sorting and the other one for the HUE shift, to elevate the pixels on a higher level for creating abstract compositions that are original and aesthetically pleasing and mesmerizing.

Brucethegoose’s “Tyrra’s Tower

The fourth instalment in a sporadic series of artwork, created based on the lore of a fantasy world @Brucethegoose has been slowly creating over a number of years as a setting for a custom D&D campaign.

Natural_Warp’s Mindset Medicine N° 100

A 1.2gb seamless 4k video loop at 60 FPS by @Natural_Warp! On Mintable, creators can upload files up to 3gb 😉. Natural Warp is a project that’s all about creating art and living a life inspired by the psychedelic experience. Therefore you will find Cosmic Freedom, Infinite Energy, Universal Geometry and Visionary Breakthrough often as reoccuring themes. Ever adjusting to keep Walking the Path.

“When all filters are down, base reality reveals itself.”

Polar7’s “4Birders Bald Eagle Series One

Polar7’s “Watching” is one of five collectable NFTs in the Bald Eagles Series One. Wondering what is Mintable’s “printable series”? Users can directly sell up to millions of NFTs with a single transaction! This is a prime example of how you can utilise the printable series.

Mpommella’s “Family Ties — Page 3. Frame 2.
@mpommella very first digital art is now available exclusively on Mintable. Only 5 copies will be for sale and every digital art sold will also come with a free copy of mpommella digital comic book! Loving it!

Massimomagee’s “I Want to Tokenise You

A unique audiovisual digital art object by @MassimoMagee, designed to be read by the computer as both a visual still image and as a piece of audio, these being two readings of the same file. It was created with processed image data and live tenor saxophone. NFT includes lossless and lossy versions of both visual and audio. Certainly one to add into your collection!

UNIK’s “Mintable.⚡ [PowerCan™]”

This was the first item in the Mintable store! An exclusive UNiK NFT available exclusively on Mintable of course😉. Only 1 unique piece available in the world to the first buyer and for life. Feeling thirsty yet?

Atelier721’s “Parete, dettaglio — by Pietro Venchierutti”

We have art curation from an art curator! This piece “Pietro Venchierutti” is curated by Atelier 721 as an NFT. “From the photographic compendium: Venetian Perspectives”

Up and coming artist

@hlichaa aka Bitlord Classic has been an artist mostly focused on photography until recently when began his fascination with NFTs after buying some Blockchain Heroes cards. He fell in love with the fantastic characters and the exciting storylines. Inspiration of a medieval collection: King Bartelmue of the Silver Clan, Is a valiant king that has a silver tunic which has protective powers when he goes into battle.

Mintable Dev/Platform Updates

We’ve fixed a ton of bugs since launch — and we’ve also added a few features already that have been requested!

New Features

Extendable auctions

Now when an auction has less than 1 hour of time remaining — any bids will increase the time remaining by 15 minutes. This will let bidding wars happen without snipers coming in and stealing the item last minute.

Last bidder shown

You can now see the last person who bid on an item!

ETH/USD pricing everywhere

Some people complained about how everything is priced in USD only — so we added a switch that lets you convert all the USD pricing into ETH pricing on the site.

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