Mintable Collectors’ Event

A chance to walk away with cool NFTs for a fraction of the price!

Here at Mintable, our aim is to make NFTs as widely accessible as possible. In that spirit, we are offering you the chance to walk away with some high-quality NFTs for a fraction of their price!

Ticket prices to our collectors’ event start from as low as $10. That’s right! For less than the price of a generic, mass-produced piece of art, you could get a unique, high-quality NFT artwork to add to your collection. Or, if you have been considering purchasing an NFT but are struggling to make a commitment, this is a great opportunity to dip your toes into NFT ownership and get a high-quality, curated piece — without breaking the bank.

In the prize pool are 4 unique NFT artworks that have been hand-picked by the Mintable team. The mystery prizes vary from abstract to animated, but that’s all we will say for now. After all, a little mystery is exciting, and we want to give you the satisfaction of unveiling the prizes yourself.


There are 3 prize pots you can enter:

- $10 per ticket

- $25 per ticket

- $50 per ticket
- Only pot with multiple NFT prizes.

Ticket quantities are limited, so get your tickets early if you don’t want to miss your chance to win!

To participate, simply enter at


The draw for the winner will take place when:

⚪️ SILVER POT — 800 tickets sold or July 30, 2021*

🟠 GOLD POT — 900 tickets sold or July 30, 2021*

💎 DIAMOND POT — 1,000 tickets sold or July 30, 2021*

*Whichever comes first

When the draw opens up, we will release a link for you to check if you’re holding on to the winning ticket.

Make sure you’re following us on all our social media channels so that you would not miss that announcement!

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Join now at

*Tickets sold are not refundable

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