Mintable Highlight #2

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What a week it’s been for the NFT community on Mintable! Over the past few days, we’ve seen numerous amazing artwork by creators on Mintable! You can follow Mintable’s recent live shows on crypto media platforms in the latter part of this article as well.

Featured Artwork

Manwithnoname’s “Ethereum Powered-Space Vision

“A space future vision powered by Ethereum.” A beautiful, high quality artwork by _Man_WithNoName, especially if you are a ETH lover like us. This amazing 1 of 1 3D video loop hosted on IPFS will be a perfect additional into any crypto art collector’s wallet!

NaturalWrap’s “3 Unique NFTs”

Each of Natural_Warp cryptoart video NFT comes with a high res 4k unlockable file. Get all in 1 wallet to own the original 360° VR 8k videoloop. Each video is 1.2gb! High quality NFTs.

The Veil N° 100
We are all hallucinating, this is base reality, zoomed to the maximum resolution.

Mindset Medicine N° 100
When all filters are down, base reality reveals itself.

Timeless Tunnel FX N° 100
Travel through time, focus on the essence.

Legendary’s “Transparency” & “Transcendence

“Cosmic energy flowing into transcendence.”

11 NFTs — 1 auction for a 1/1 “Transcendence”, 10 “Transparency” for a fixed price. From Transparency to Transcendence by Legendary_LGDN

Johnny Gonzo’s “Orgy (Crypto GRAPHIC degen art)”

An art commission for a crypto project named $ORGY token, animation and design by Johnny Gonzo (Joliwa) and beats by Keezy. Joliwa is a beast of the animation world known for work on Gorillaz, Lego, Courage the Cowardly Dog. The NFT unlocks a 1gb+ full HIGH RES .mov for the animation!

Moestradamus’ “Miami Vice

“Miami Mice” is a 3D-animated NFT created as a submission for the BitBasel CryptoArt Contest. In keeping the Art Basel and Miami Art Week spirit alive, moestradamus has created this epic animation featuring some of Florida’s favorite mice and the legendary Art Basel duct-taped banana.

Extremely Rare 10 copies available only on Mintable.

Moestradamus’ “‘Funflowers’ — Moving Masters #2

How many NFTs can you buy and receive a physical copy of the painting? Not many. But with this one by Moestradamus, you can. The lucky buyer got a free sketch mailed to them. Plus the high res version!

Muckee’s “Tears in Rain — Blade Runner

A limited animated edition One-of-One #NFT by Muckee. Based on a scene from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, this artwork commemorates Rutger Hauer’s performance as Roy Batty.

The original was designed for Murky Apparel clothing company.

nslotus’ “We Cannot Sleep

NSiri is a producer, director and screen writer and her work is….. legendary. “The popolo. The proletariat. The citizen. Same. The daily grind, the fretful night. Some lucky ones get to dream, drift and float away from the city lights.”

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