Mintable Highlight #4

Hope everyone had a great Christmas as we await for the new year! Let’s recap on last week’s highlights.

What an amazing week! Every day, you will see some really awesome NFTs on our marketplace — be it art, collectibles, music or videos. Loving the creativity and power of these pieces by our amazing creators. Be sure to check out what's for sale. Over 600 NFTs is now actively listed for sale.

Here are some of the featured artworks by amazing creators as well as recent major announcements from Mintable!

Featured Artwork

“Bitcoin orbital infinite motion, spotted from one of ours space docks.”

_Man_WithNoName is back once again with his signature high quality, high res video file. This time round, you have to the option to add on an Infinite Object’s physcial video print as well! Display this amazing piece proudly at your home, office desk or anywhere you like!

CaptvArt is 3d artist that specializes in photo real surreal art. He started doing a piece once a day 1082 days ago and is still going The high res artwork comes with the NFT as an unlockable file. This beautiful piece, The Antarctic Monolith is now available for auction on! Bid via the link below-

Not just one but FOUR unlockables for the lucky buyer of this NFT by Moestradamus221. Including a physical tornglass pendant shipped, as well as a 3 night stay at the beautiful Rustic Acre. How often do you ever see an NFT that comes with a 3 night stay at a resort and a travel budget?! Almost never!

Congrats to the buyer and a huge shout out to Moestradamus for bringing innovative thoughts to the NFT space!

DarkenedM00d is an artist specializing in atmospheric dark art, and playing with emotions via the darkness of the scene. He loves creating pieces that bend and break the norms of dark art but also the reverse.

Check it out and buy it here:

The emerging crypto landscape became a hotbed for hackers over the years and our dear friend in the NFT community, xbrucethegoose is unfortunately a victim of it. Bruce makes a living selling art and it was all taken from him recently when his wallet was hacked.

“Inspired by the common metaphor used in reference to the frequency of hacks, security breaches, and smart contract exploits present in the Ethereum ecosystem; created as a defiant response to a recent wallet compromise which led to a substantial loss (and an overwhelming amount of support from the cryptoart community).”

This unique one of one artwork is now available for bidding via the link below-

Check out gabor_sw’s creation on his first NFT store on Mintable!

Solsticio 1.0 is a limited edition (11/11) NFT minted on “g.sw~ early works” NFT store ( DAO)

It’s a New Media Art Collectible; Shaders over work of Watanabe Shōtei.

Browse his store here:

His second work — 1 of 1 piece unique: Solsticio 2.0

Buy Solsticio 2.0 here:

Siniko dropped his first ever NFT artwork on Mintable! Siniko is a Turkish artist that is known for his dark neon aesthetics in his creations. Check out his work on his Instagram feed Sinoko.paints. In this work, he tried to express one of humankind’s biggest flaws. We all love what “kills us” don’t we? 😉

“We love what kills us, we don’t choose gentle, we don’t care. We are selfish, we are fools. We choose to dream rather than to act. We don’t notice those who care for us. We are afraid to be happy. We are afraid to smile again. We are afraid to cry. We are afraid to share. We are afraid to trust others and ourselves. This is a memento mori. We will die. Do not always think. Try to love. Try to care. Maybe someone needs that so badly that you will save their life. Maybe that someone will do the same for you. Open a door to that person and maybe they can accept you for who you really are. This is a memento mori. We will die.”

Although his first ever NFT is no longer available, his second NFT creation is still listed for sale on Mintable app! This piece is about the time we spend waiting for things. Check out this piece and buy it now here:

We all love the final version of an artwork but have you ever wonder how is it formed?

Watch how this entire artwork by Veilvi forms. From start to finish. From the patterns to the colours.

“I’m not sure where I want to go with these animations, I find myself feeling they are done but also that they could go so much further. This one in particular I felt that way, but I went with the part of me that felt it was a complete whole as is; in part inspired by a recent video i watched about beeple — I would like to create and share more art, to not feel so critical of it that I hold on to it until I can’t figure out what else to do to it or lose it entirely.”

In case you’ve missed our previous announcement, you are now able to add a physical video print by Infinite Objects whenever you purchase a video NFT on Mintable! Check out this article for more information.

CGC — Paving the Future for Mass Adoption - It Relies on Ecommerce

Buying a NFT is an e-commerce transaction, yet all of the NFT marketplaces and platforms, operate as a mix of a crypto exchange and Instagram. Neither is conducive to growing the NFT space. Find out what is missing in the NFT space and what will make NFT strive in this video below!

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