Mintable — Progress Update for January — beta version coming

January is almost over and Mintable hasn’t made many articles or announcements this month… That is because -we have been super busy on multiple fronts. But before we get into that, a quick recap of what Mintable is:

Mintable is a free way to manage your ERC-721 (those game items you have on the blockchain) without needing all the complex information, or knowing what you are doing. We make it as easy as possible for you to transfer or interact with your digital items. We are not a wallet, we just read your wallet’s info. We also let you tokenize everything, so that — you can create anything you want as a digital item. See our guides below on what you can make:

TL;DR Mintable is a free service to manage ERC-721s. Mintable lets you create a 721 smart contract in 30 seconds. We are releasing an API to store unlimited data as a json on your NFT, batch minting for 721s, and a new create process and design, including adding tags and categories to your items. User accounts, with a private dashboard, user history to see all your ERC-21 history, ways to protect items if they are moved. Browse by category, tags, projects, name, etc. And finally…..Beta testing the DEX 721 Exchange for select users who have donated.

Progress Update and Upcoming Features

We know the current Alpha version is UGLY as hell. Sorry about that, I’m no designer…. just a technologist. We have hired a UX designer who has worked in the Crypto space and has worked on crypto wallets in the past. We are VERY pleased with our new designs and are already about 50% done implementing them. Here are some of the images:

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New Design — looks great right???

Smart Contract Generation — AKA — Minting

As you can probably see — Mintable lets you generate a new smart contract, without any coding needed. This is a ERC-721 contract, so you can create your own ERC-721s. We have added a ton of new features to our create process, here are the upcoming features in the beta:

  • You own every contract you make, we don’t own it. We don’t control it.
  • Create a standard ERC-721 using 3 fields Metadata stored on the blockchain — $2 fee
  • Create an ERC-721 contract, without metadata on the blockchain, but instead using our API (Can upload your data and we host it for you). Example: You want your pokemon card to have stats, so you upload the following to our servers and the link for your metadata would be: “” — $3 fee
name: Charizard,
description: My charizard,
HP: 100,
strength: 100
  • Batch Minting — A lot of users want to make 40 copies of their charizard, so now we have built out batch minting. Example: Your an artist, you want to sell your artwork as an ERC-721. You use our creator to make your smart contract and purchase batch minting. Now you can create your artwork and make 5/10/25/40 tokens in one transaction. Without batch minting, you would need to make 40 transactions to create 40 cards. Cost to unlock batch minting is a one time fee — $5-$40 dollars, then that contract will ALWAYS be able to batch mint (without a fee).
  • Title, Categories, Descriptions— We have added categories, titles, descriptions, that will not be on the blockchain but instead used for displaying your contracts on So if you wanted to sell your tokens, you would have a title and description already written for others to view.
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Full create process (some things may change)

User Profiles — See your transaction history, receipts, assets, and likes all in one place

We know that users love their items and that means they need a place to view and see those items. So we have created a user section that has the following:

  • User History — see everything you’ve done with your ERC-721s on Mintable. Every contract you have generated, every transaction you have made, every mint, every transfer. All in one place. All transactions are also emailed to you, to give you a receipt to reference in your inbox.
  • Public Profiles — Display your likes and items in your public profile. Going to in the beta would display my public profile. Where I can pick what to display, which includes:

Profile name — “Best Photography seller on Mintable”

Profile Description — “I sell digital photos I took around the world for Crypto”

Likes — Display tokens you ‘liked’ in a public section so others can see what items you like.

Wallet tokens — choose to display your tokens you own — publically — be proud!

Featured Items — For sellers to promote their items

  • Private profiles — a dashboard for you to see all your assets. It will display all your tokens in your wallet, see your history, edit your profile, edit your public profile. Quickly manage assets by just clicking on them within the dashboard.

Manager — How you interact with your digital items

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Managing my Pokemon Contract

Manager has been redesigned and improved. We are removing a lot of the bugs that are causing some contracts to not be loaded, we are redesigning the logic to optimize the manager page in a series of ways. Not much to show off here — mainly just optimizations and slight improvements.


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Browse is how you can explore all the newly made items on Mintable. In the full launch — browse will be how you explore the exchange and buy/sell items.

You’ll be able to sort by category, by projects, by the ones you own, or just by name/contract address.

Create ERC-721 SDK

If a project wants to allow users to mint ERC-721s for any reason, they don’t need to worry about the blockchain side of things, we have already developed it for them.

We are developing an SDK that allows for any javascript project to include our NPM package that gives access to all the smart contract features we already deployed. Projects/Websites/Apps can add a few lines of code, and have complete access to the blockchain without having to know anything about the blockchain. They won’t need to worry about:

  • web3 — we handle that
  • Confirming transactions and transferring assets — we handle that
  • Making and testing smart contracts — we handle that
  • Storing data on their api — we handle that

The Create ERC-721 SDK will be a powerful tool to allow any normal project to include the ethereum blockchain/ERC-721s into their current system.

We’ve been working on the business development side also — sitting down and having meetings with potential investors. We have been working on the development of business practices, revenue models, and designing our services to be as beneficial as possible.

That’s all folks — Beta comes out in March 2019

(unless it’s delayed)

Its funny — we try to be transparent and as public as possible — even though we are not a public company, we did not have a public ICO, and we do not have a public token. We are just a service/tool for the ethereum ecosystem. But we want to be as publically transparent as possible so everyone knows what we are truly aiming for. We are trying to expand the ecosystem to move away from collectibles and games, into digital items and real world assets.

We have been working hard and will continue to work hard to deliver on our promises! In the meantime….

Use the alpha!

Website —

Discord —

Email —

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

Leave us any feedback you have on these plans, features, or suggestions you want, or just words of advice! We want to hear from you! Contact us on the site, or comment here!

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