Mintable & the HYPE community

In this article, will be looking how the HYPE community utilized the Mintable platform to enhance their members experience and engagement rates within their social communities.

Unique case of NFTs — badges and monsters for their community

HYPE defines themselves as: ‘’HYPE Token is a unique social tokenomics experiment built on the Ethereum Blockchain. HYPE Token is the world’s first consensus-driven Deflationary (Token Burning) + Inflationary (Freezing Rewards) token, allowing the crowd to determine the inflation & deflation rates of the token’s supply through an off-chain consensus made by users who have ‘frozen’ their HYPE tokens.’’

To add value to their ERC20, social engagement is essential. HYPE requires a high User Retention with a high rate of engagement on their Dapp. Therefore they wanted to start a community reward program in a form of Badges.

HYPE quickly realized that a Non Fungible Token would be the best option in this new campaign.

They search the Ethereum community for their minting and management option, and quickly found that Mintable offered all the necessary tools and control. The Ownership of the contract minted for the ERC-721 contract was crucial. They also needed a platform that could allow them flexibility to include the necessary Metadata for the new game concept and it’s Badges.

With the help of Mintable staff, via there Discord server, HYPE create a new NFT Game concept that awards you Badges that provide special privileges to their participating members.

Mintable had so many advantages compared to what is available. The first major difference was the ability to mint up to 40 tokens in one transaction. HYPE was able to create multiple badges of one category within their NFT concept. Each category, let’s say multiple Levels of achievements, held 40 Badges. The amount of time and money saved was considerable.

With Mintable, you have full control of the entire contact creation process. That ability provides a powerful tool for developers and coders. Here’s an example of a their Badges minted on Mintable.

AI generated

As you can see in the picture, each Badge or NFT as a complexity that needed extra coding for their specific needs. Here, we have a rarity score, with allocation of attributes on the right. Their badges are designed by AI Concept on a Histograms of Iterated Chaotic Functions.

This is a good example of the power of the Mintable platform and the freedom it provides to projects in elaborating their specific needs within their contracts. We invite you check out HYPE opensea profile and their badges that will quickly demonstrate the utility of using the Mintable platform.

We contacted Leon from the HYPE team…

…and ask him a few questions about his experience using the Mintable platform. We also want to thank the HYPE community and are happy to have them part of the Mintable family.

How was the overall experience of using the Platform?

Using the platform was easy and smooth. We did not have to spend much time thinking about how the platform works in general as with its highly user-friendly UI/UX and straight-forward features. It certainly helps you better understand the concepts revolving around NFTs.

Do you believe that Mintable can be utilized as an NFT hub?

Mintable can certainly be utilized as the ‘hub’ for NFTs as it currently has everything we need to create, store, send, and receive various different types of NFTs.

What would something you’d like to see added on Mintable or any feedback related to your experience?

It would be great if Mintable could support its own ‘attributes’ or ‘properties’ for NFTs.

Did you find support easily via Mintable Discord server?

It was a pleasant experience being able to directly contact the team via Discord. We received so much help and support from the team and could not thank them enough!

Anything else about Mintable you would like to add?

If you are looking to learn more about NFTs, create your own NFTs, or just looking for a wallet to view/store/send/receive your NFTs, Mintable is your best bet yet.

The Mintable team & Singapore

Our platform is ready, fully tested and live for anyone to Mint any NFT needs. Our team worked tirelessly for many months, without financing or any real marketing & social engagement. We were behind our computers coding the best platform we could.

In the past Month, we have move to Singapore and are spreading the word about Mintable to the world. We are excited to share the news and finally meet other projects being develop in this amazing ecosystem. Here a few pictures sharing our experience at the Singapore FINTECH week. Make sure to follow us and most of all, go try our platform! It’s free to mint a NFT contract and discover a new world of possibilities.

Excuse my huge smile for meeting one, if not, most influential player in the game. — CZ 🤣

App —

Discord —

Twitter —

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

Mintable Team



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