Mintable Update — Our plans and features for 2019 — Big features coming in the next few months for ERC-721s

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Our plans, not the hands.

Quickly — what is

What can I make on Mintable?

2019 will be a big year for Mintable

Our plans

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The Mintable Team

We are busting our ass to get as much done as possible, but if you want to help support us, we have a special donation smart contract set up. It will mint you an ERC-721 as a gift for donating to supporting Mintable. The ERC-721 is for EARLY SUPPORTERS, and provides beta access to testing the exchange and other features that we only want VIP users to test. It also gives you a 100% discount on all FEES that will be active later, for LIFE — meaning you will NEVER have to pay to mint a contract or sell anything.

Check out the Donation information on our homepage.

Use the alpha!

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