Mintable Update — Our plans and features for 2019 — Big features coming in the next few months for ERC-721s

Our plans, not the hands.

TL;DR Mintable is a free service to manage ERC-721s.We are releasing an API to store unlimited data as a json on your NFT, batch minting for 721s, and a new create process and design, including adding tags and categories to your items. User accounts, with a private dashboard, user history to see all your ERC-21 history, ways to protect items if they are moved. Browse by category, tags, projects, name, etc. And finally…..Beta testing the DEX 721 Exchange for select users who have donated.

2019 will be a big year for Mintable

In what ways will Mintable be able to improve our ecosystem?

Upcoming Features

The Mintable Team

We are busting our ass to get as much done as possible, but if you want to help support us, we have a special donation smart contract set up. It will mint you an ERC-721 as a gift for donating to supporting Mintable. The ERC-721 is for EARLY SUPPORTERS, and provides beta access to testing the exchange and other features that we only want VIP users to test. It also gives you a 100% discount on all FEES that will be active later, for LIFE — meaning you will NEVER have to pay to mint a contract or sell anything.

Use the alpha!



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