Mintable Update — Our plans and features for 2019 — Big features coming in the next few months for ERC-721s

Our plans, not the hands.

Quickly — what is

Mintable is a free way to manage your ERC-721 (those game items you have on the blockchain) without needing all the complex information, or knowing what you are doing. We make it as easy as possible for you to transfer or interact with your digital items. We are not a wallet, we just read your wallet’s info. We also let you tokenize everything, so that — you can create anything you want as a digital item. See our guides below on what you can make:

What can I make on Mintable?

Your item could be anything. It could be…

  • a newspaper clipping
  • a patent you want to have public proof of display
  • a deed to an item like a car, or house (flaw: needs government cooperation)
  • a certificate of, either: qualification or rare items
  • a digital item (video game item)
  • A token for access (social clubs, or physical access)
  • identity verification
  • business documents for signed proof of contracts
  • Artwork, public disclosure, news articles to prevent censorship
  • Messages and emails, agreements and love letters…. so much more…

2019 will be a big year for Mintable

We are building the beta version of right now, the Mintable team is working hard everyday to improve the Ethereum ecosystem. So we wanted to give everyone an update on what we plan on releasing here in a few months. Its very exciting to us and we want to hear your feedback!

Our plans

With beta you can expect to see a ton of bug fixes and overall better UX/UI. We are trying to release the beta before March 1st of 2019. We will have a few minor releases before, for different upgrades as well. All listed below

Upcoming Features

User Profiles

  • You can create an account using your Ethereum address
  • Creating an account will be super easy, with basically two clicks. No personal info will be required.
  • You will have a dashboard where you can see all your tokens in your wallet
  • You will have a Title, Description, and list of contracts/tokens you can choose to display.
  • Your profile will have a public page, so others can see what you choose for them to see, ie: if you have a favorite card you ‘liked’ you can display that. Or if you have a contract of game cards for your own game, you can display that as well.
  • Complete history of everything you’ve done on Mintable. So you can see that you Minted three contracts yesterday, transferred one token today, etc.
  • You will be able to quickly manage and transfer your items from your dashboard.
  • Eventually user profiles will have reputation attached to them to help with transacting between parties later on.


  • Create will have a whole new design, more resemblant of coinbase/paypal style.
  • You will no longer have 3 fields of metadata on the blockchain, but instead access to using our API. Meaning — you can add anything you want, unlimited, to our api — where it will be listed on the token. This means you can upload a book if you wanted to the API, or maybe you just want to be openSea compatible to sell the item on openSea. You can do that.
  • We will offer tokens with batch minting, so you can create a smart contract for pokemon cards, and then make 500 pikachus, in one transaction.
  • Still have guided or quick create
  • Guides section to link to all the different guides on what to mint and how to mint something
  • Will be able to list a title and description of your contract for displaying it nicely.
  • Allow the use of tags and categories to sort and organize your contracts. For example, if its a pdf, the category would be PDF or files, if its a video game item, it would be a “Game item”
  • Save your minting during the process so that you can continue from where you left off from.


  • Manager will be re-designed to be more slick. But still easy to use
  • Will require log-in for certain actions (such as transferring or minting, so that its saved in your history)
  • Will have integrated more contracts to work flawlessly, currently 75% of ALL ERC-721 smart contracts work, but some have slight bugs.


  • Browse by Categories, Tags, Your own, By project, or by name.
  • Browse will be re-designed with a better layout for titles and descriptions.


  • DEX smart contract exchange for ERC-721s.
  • May or may not use 0x as a liquidity provider, need to test further on this.
  • Will allow: users to post an ERC-721 for sell, then buyers can buy the item and be transferred ownership of the asset, whilst the original owner is given the ETH provided as payment.
  • Will be very different in terms of what you are used to for normal crypto-exchanges. The style will be much different. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we will share some pictures later on!

The Mintable Team

We are working hard to do all this by 1st MARCH 2019, but there are only two developers on Mintable right now… myself and Anthony.

We are busting our ass to get as much done as possible, but if you want to help support us, we have a special donation smart contract set up. It will mint you an ERC-721 as a gift for donating to supporting Mintable. The ERC-721 is for EARLY SUPPORTERS, and provides beta access to testing the exchange and other features that we only want VIP users to test. It also gives you a 100% discount on all FEES that will be active later, for LIFE — meaning you will NEVER have to pay to mint a contract or sell anything.

Check out the Donation information on our homepage.

Leave us any feedback you have on these plans, features, or suggestions you want, or just words of advice! We want to hear from you! Contact us on the site, or comment here!

Use the alpha!

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