Mintable v2.0 — Launch Update 2

As we get closer to the launch of Mintable v2.0 on Ethereum we are going to be doing weekly dev updates and other exciting updates

Before we dive into what’s coming — what is Mintable …or what was it?

Mintable started as a tool to help anyone create, mint, and manage ERC-721 (NFTs). We were the first platform to allow anyone to make their own NFT and retain complete ownership over the smart contract, the first tool to batch mint NFTs and the first tool to manage your NFTs from any ERC-721 contract.

Now we are again changing the NFT space by pushing forward into a next generation for the NFT ecosystem.

A Next Generation NFT Marketplace

Our v2.0 focuses mainly on providing a new type of NFT marketplace — one that mixes a series of web 2.0 marketplace features we are all used to, with the cutting edge technology of NFTs. We will no longer be focusing on providing a tool to manage NFTs, but instead focusing on helping creators and buyers trade and create NFTs. We are now focusing on being the most flexible NFT creator’s tool ever made, as well as the best NFT marketplace with features no other marketplace has.

Some of the features our NFT marketplace will have that make it the next iteration of marketplace for NFTs are:

Next Gen Features

Metadata: IPFS or anywhere

Some projects/creators care a lot about decentralizing their metadata, but some don’t care at all. So…why not have the fullest flexibility? When you make your NFTs on Mintable, you can decide:

  • Go the easy way and let us handle the metadata for you
  • Host the metadata directly on IPFS using Mintable within a few seconds
  • Host the metadata on your server for complete control
  • Host the metadata on any other platform such as Arweave or filecoin

3D Images, MP4, MP3s, any file unlockable

This is what 3D images (GLB files) load like on Mintable, fully interactive and able to be played with and seen in their full glory.

GIFs also are shown here, they play automatically.

MP4s also play when you press play.

MP3s and any other file type on your computer can be used as a private unlockable file that only the owner can access and download/see.


Using EIP-2981 all of our contracts are fully compliant with that ERC-721 royalty standard so that they can be picked up and used on other marketplaces and secondary sales still come to you. As long as the other marketplaces choose to support EIP-2981 (they should and you should bug them to do so!)

Copyright transferred

Now copyright is on the blockchain which is huge — whenever you sell your NFTs — you can pick to transfer commercial copyright over to the buyer giving them access to use and display your content they downloaded.

Currently this is in the beta and we will be rolling out a full select of different copyrights and terms you’ll be able to select from when selling NFTs.


Maybe you don’t want someone to resell your NFT? No problem. Just click a box and boom — whoever buys it won’t be able to resell it at all on Mintable.

Ratings and Reviews

Note: the design of this page isn’t 100% done

Tired of getting scammed or buying fake NFTs from bad sellers on other marketplaces that don’t control who posts NFTs?

Now there is a full fledged review system — where each store and seller has reviews that can be seen, tracked, and cannot be gamed easily as you need to have bought the NFT to place a review and can only do so once.

Earnings, History, Listings

See and track it all. Get an email every time something happens, everytime you sell an item, every time you make money.

Dev updates/Progress

This week we have:

QA team:

Has been testing the smart contract creation (make a store for your NFTs) process and listing processes still. They have almost completed every type of possible scenario and so far has improved the UX with their great suggestions.

Next step in testing will be purchasing items on the browse pages, listing pages, and placing bids and auctions.

Dev work:

Listing/browsing pages are going through a redesign from the designer — their logic is 95% done and will be finished in the next few days. Next stop after that will be the backend handling of orders and tracking bids/auctions. Then moving into profiles (a beast of its own!).


Some of you may have heard we brought on a new person to the Mintable team — Creative director for Mintable — Mark K. He formally was the Branding/Creative Director for Zilliqa, a multi-million dollar company and successful blockchain company.

With him, we have also hired a new designer onto the team and are working on a brand refresh, and UI refresh. This is coming along very well and the designer has given us many new awesome UIs to implement.

And Mark gave us this….

Which is your favorite?

Finally, next steps:

Next week we will be working on finalizing everything for purchasing and browsing. Then moving onto profiles.

All the smart contracts are 99% done, with minor tweaks needing to be made for the adjustments with our new launch of the world’s very first……

Can’t say — but you’ll know more after November 1st when we announce it. Next week’s agenda is finalizing the buying/purchasing/trading of NFTs, purchasing via auction systems, and all the account notifications, emails, and updating that needs to happen with that. So another busy week.

This has been a long one — but a lot of things happen during the week.

Check us out and stay tuned for next sunday’s update

Feel free to check out our old, v1 from 2018 at

The v2.0 marketplace for the Zilliqa blockchain at (with extremely cheap and fast transactions).

Or our twitter at



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