New Feature Release: Widgets

Showcase your NFTs anywhere, everywhere.

As creators and artists ourselves, we know how much effort it takes to promote your work after creating them. Some might argue that we should be putting in even more effort promoting our work than actual time spent on the work itself.

As a next-gen NFT marketplace, we are constantly looking for new ways to empower creators to showcase their amazing work to a larger audience. One of the challenges we noticed is how NFTs created on Mintable are only circulating around the platform itself. Most creators/artists would have their own website and social media channels where they would want to share more information about their NFTs they spend so much resources creating than the usual social media sharing tool allows.

Introducing Widgets

Some say the artist is living in his own head

Showcase your NFTs/store in their full glory by embedding a widget on your own website. Here’s how you do it:

Creating Your Widget

  1. Go to the Mintable Widget Builder Tool >
  2. From the dropdown on the left, select if you want to display a store or a particular NFT
  3. Select your desired widget size, font, and colours.
  4. Select “Get Code”
  5. Copy and paste the code into your widget embedding console. Location varies according to the platform. Here are links to a few of the leading providers:

Embedding It on Your Own Website:

  1. Go to your website and open your source code.
  2. Decide where you want to position the NFT listing. Scroll through the website source code to the desired section and paste the copied code into your website’s HTML editor.
  3. Save your changes and refresh your page to see the changes.

Embedding It on Popular Platforms

HostGator | Jimdo| Squarespace | Webflow | Webnode | Weebly | Wix | WordPress | Zyro

Now artists and creators on Mintable have an even more powerful tool in their hands to promote their amazing work all around the web. Start creating your widget here:

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Zach of —A Next Gen NFT Marketplace

Zach of —A Next Gen NFT Marketplace

Ethereum lover and founder of

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