NFT Marketplace — Mintable v2.0 — Dev Update 4

Before we dive into what’s coming — what is Mintable

A next gen NFT marketplace

Our v2.0 focuses mainly on providing a new type of NFT marketplace — one that mixes a series of web 2.0 marketplace features we are all used to, with the cutting edge technology of NFTs. We will no longer be focusing on providing a tool to manage NFTs, but instead focusing on helping creators and buyers trade and create NFTs. We are now focusing on being the most flexible NFT creator’s tool ever made, as well as the best NFT marketplace with features no other marketplace has.

With each weekly update we share some of the features coming up, today we will be covering our profiles

Next Gen Features

Track Earnings

Just like on etsy, amazon, or ebay — you have a profile that displays all your history — including your total earnings. Why don’t other marketplaces have this? Not sure….but we have it.

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You can see all your NFTs purchased and when

Auction bids

With our auction system in your profile — you can see all the items you’ve currently got bids on — which items you’ve won and need to pay for. Its an easy location to track all your history for auctions to make sure you win the item you really want.

My wallet

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All my NFTs

See all your NFTs in your wallet in one easy location.

  • Transfer any NFT easily. Mobile friendly of course.
  • Sell your NFTs directly.
  • Download the content on your private NFTs if there is any.


Track all of your reviews from buyers in your profile — so that you can keep up to date with what your customers are asking for. Do they like your NFT? Do you have a high rating? Every review can be seen, sorted by rating or time. This is very important for ensuring that your reputation is maintained and as a means to combat fraud/fake NFTs.

Dev updates/Progress

This week we have done a lot of work. Mainly all focused on the profile section of the site.

We have finalized the first 5 sections of the profile page — leaving only 3 sections left to finish. We expect this will be done by mid next week. Then we can move onto bigger and better things!

QA team:

Has been testing the profile section and interaction between buying NFTs, updating profiles, and tracking everything for you to track in your profile. They are making great progress with getting as many things tested — faster than we can code for them to break!

Dev work:

This week we have been working on the profile sections completely. With minor design changes and bug fixes from the QA team being implemented, most of our focus was in your profile.

We added some code to the Voting NFT contract as well expecting future proposals that may be voted upon in the NFT DAO — which is really exciting.

Finally, next steps:

We will be finishing the profile section mid-next week and then be able to work on the landing page that will replace until launch. This should only take a day or two max. After the landing page we have a few routes to go — but I think we will focus on the homepage and then listing all NFTs on the blockchain for sale (which is a very important section).

Check us out and stay tuned for next Sunday’s update

Feel free to check out our old, v1 from 2018 at

The v2.0 marketplace for the Zilliqa blockchain at (with extremely cheap and fast transactions).

Or our twitter at

Get a discount card before we go live

We have been selling NFT discount cards that remove all the fees on our smart contracts since we went live back in 2018. It has really been helpful for supporting us and our project.

They won’t be available for sale after our update to v2 though, so if you don’t get one before we go live — you won’t have a chance to get one again.

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They remove all fees from our contracts for life. Just need to have them in your wallet when interacting with our contracts. You can buy them directly on our homepage at

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