NFTs: Owning a piece of the digital world

Now that we’re living in the digital world, the next question is, can we own a piece of it?

American Digital Artist Beeple’s Digital-Only “Everydays — The First 5000 Days” sold for $69.3m.

In 2020, most of us are familiar with living in the digital world. Our memories are scattered all over Instagram, business networking has migrated from conferences to LinkedIn, and Facebook is now one of the main ways we stay in touch with our loved ones.

Take a step further, and we even have entire worlds built online for us to live in. Second Life, launched in 2013, is an online virtual world meant for us all to live the life we’ve always dreamed of, explore our deepest and darkest desires that cannot manifest in reality.

Now that we’re living in the digital world, the next question is, can we own a piece of it?

Just like any other physical assets, digital assets have the potential to appreciate over time. And with that potential comes the risk of counterfeiting and scams.

Enter Non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

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Today, if you want to buy a piece of Van Gogh, you would head to a reputable art dealer like Sotheby’s. If you’re going to be paying millions of dollars for the asset, you’re going to want to look for some kind of certificate of authenticity or get the artwork appraised by an expert to certify that it is indeed the original piece.

With the digital and blockchain revolution, the process of obtaining and owning genuine high-value digital assets is much more streamlined thanks to NFTs. Backed by the blockchain, the entire history of ownership from its conceptualization is virtually transparent to everyone. Through that, buyers can rest assured that they are purchasing a genuine piece of art that originated from the artist themselves.

To purchase an authenticated piece of digital artwork certified by NFTs, all you have to do is visit an NFT marketplace like Mintable is the first next-generation NFT marketplace that has gasless minting — a feature that empowers artists and creators to mint (or create on the blockchain) their NFTs easily and quickly without incurring high gas fees upfront. The traditional process of minting an NFT requires the artists to pay high upfront gas fees even before selling their NFTs and that severely hindered the adoption of NFTs.

Thanks to our gasless minting feature that is frictionless for artists to list their creations, Mintable has amassed a large collection of NFTs covering almost every single genre that is for buyers to browse.

Check out the latest creations from artists and creators all over the world:

We’re still in the early days of NFTs and digital artwork is only one way this blockchain technology can change our daily lives. While we have a few ideas up our sleeves, we’re excited to see how the rest of the ecosystem grows in the coming months and years.

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