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Creating a digital version of a real world or digital asset has always been hard. Without knowing how to code — you were left in the dust.

Top NFTs on the blockchain as of 9/15/2019

Talk of NFTs is everywhere. We’ve all heard that they are going to revolutionize the way we handle and share our information. This is all due to the ERC-721 smart contract that was proposed as a standard way to make assets in 2017. It has since been approved and is now the official standard for non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. If you are confused by non-fungible token, it simply means a token that is not the same as other tokens.

Ok, so an ERC-721 is a token that is unique, like a baseball card or rare coin

Because the NFTs are unique they can not be swapped with one another equally, whereas a normal ERC-20 token can be swapped and nothing is lost. Here is an example: You have 1 BAT, and I have 1 BAT, we can exchange our 1 BAT a million times and no one loses. We both have our same value of 1 BAT in the end. But with NFTs, you have a rare baseball card, and I have a cryptokitty. We exchange our tokens, and someone will lose. My cryptokitty was a common worthless one, whereas your baseball card was super valuable. Because they are both different, it means exchanging them has to take place in a trade of agreed value, aka, I say I’ll exchange my super rare cryptokitty for an equally valuable rare baseball card. This is fantastic because it means you can use NFTs to represent unique digital items. As it turns out, this works really well for collectables. NFTs are unique and if you lend one to someone they must give you back exactly the same NFT. Your NFT is not interchangeable with someone else’s.

This is cool… how did it all start?

Crypto kitties put this NFT technology on full display by creating unique digital cats as NFTs that people could buy and trade. NFT technology is very promising. The technology is there, it works, its ready to be used, and there are fantastic use cases that pop up everyday to back it up.

So when are we going to start seeing more adoption?

Well we are, there are more an more items being represented as NFTs. There are tons of crypto games out there using them now and NFTs are being used to represent digital art, real world real estate, tickets,digital classes, to name a few examples.

But we are not yet seeing mass adoption because the technology is still not accessible enough particularly to less technically savvy people. The problem is that unless you have good knowledge of the blockchain and coding skills it’s pretty difficult to do much with them.

Mintable is here to change this.

How Mintable sees the future of NFTs

The team at Mintable envisage a decentralised world where there is a system with inherent trust and peers can safely and securely interact with each other without relying on a middle man. We want to make blockchain more accessible to everyone and give you the tools you need to be creative and really make use of this technology..

Mintable is a dApp that allows you to create your own ERC-721 Smart Contracts and mint NFTs for these contracts. With Mintable’s create tool you can mint NFTs for any digital item you like!

And its gets better — You don’t even need to know how to code. Mintable handles that for you.

With our step by step creator all you need is an idea for a digital item you want to tokenize. You can follow our step by step creator guide, drop in some information when prompted and your done. You will have your very own smart contract and NFTs that you own and control.

You can also view and manage all your NFTs within Mintable. Not just NFTs you created in Mintable, but all your other ERC-721 standard tokens like CryptoRome items, Blockchain Cuties, Gods Unchained, NonFunGerbils, etc.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for what you can tokenize:

These were all made by users on Mintable — except Zastrin courses, we just love them.

  • Create your own crypto collectable cards (like crypto kitties or Marble cards). Yep you can actually start your own collectable.
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RareDrip collectibles
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American History Collectibles
  • Create tickets to an event where whoever owns the token gets access
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NFT tickets
  • Tokenize your digital photography or digital artwork
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Image for post
Artwork from Rabanheidr
  • Raise funds for a project by selling tokens which give rights to something (just like Kickstarter does)
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Membership tokens
  • Tokenize access to videos or audio content you have created
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Courses on

Selling Digital Items for ETH

Any NFT you mint on Mintable is ERC-721 compliant meaning its compatible with other dApps that support the standard

We’ve also ensured Mintable is compatible with OpenSea, so any NFTs you mint on Mintable can be listed directly on the Y Combinator-backed NFT exchange. Just follow our online guides to get started —

Mintable is unlocking NFTs by giving you the tools to tokenize any digital item you want. We want to give you freedom and flexibility in the way you interact with NFTs. You can head to to get started.

We are always open to hearing ideas, improvements or helping out with any issues you run into. There are many ways to keep in touch:

Join our Discord —

Connect with us on Twitter —

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