Purchase any NFT with credit card — which paves the way for adoption

How can your mom buy an NFT if she doesn’t own ETH? Credit card is the answer

They probably won’t be buying that with crypto

Crypto is awesome but it’s hard to adopt

One of the biggest struggles for adoption of blockchain technology is the need to use crypto for everything blockchain related. NFTs for example are very powerful technology that’s extremely easy to understand, as you can tell from all the media attention around NFTs lately, opposed to something more complex like DeFi. But therein lies the problem, if your mom heard about NFTs and wants to get started, she must have ETH in order to buy or trade an NFT.

We wanted to fix this, so for the past few months we’ve been working on a way for people purchase NFTs without the need of crypto and we are super happy to announce its been live for the past 2 weeks.

Before now — you could not get involved with NFTs if you didn’t have crypto. But with credit card purchases and gasless minting, people with zero crypto can now buy/trade and mint NFTs on Mintable

How it works

Regardless of if you’ve ever purchased crypto before, you can now start getting involved with NFTs, which used to require having some crypto already.

When you go to Mintable — you can:
1. Mint an NFT gaslessly, meaning no crypto is required

2. Buy an NFT with a credit card — meaning no crypto is required.

Buying NFTs with a credit card

Every NFT on the blockchain can be purchased with credit card now

When you browse Mintable and look for NFTs to buy — every one of them will have the ability to be purchased with credit card.

The process:

  1. Once you click “buy with credit card” a checkout page will appear showing you the total cost and relevant information about your purchase.

2. Once you’ve reviewed this info, the next page will ask you to input the wallet address you want your new NFT sent to. This should be your metamask wallet or other NFT compatible wallet like Trust Wallet or Coinbase wallet.

3. Then you will see our third party provider who will process your card. You will need to enter your phone number to create your account with them and then move to the next step.

4. KYC is a requirement to purchase any crypto with a credit card sadly….while this isn’t as smooth as buying like you would on amazon, there is nothing we can do about it due to AML/KYC laws.

The good part is KYC is on average only 3.4 minutes to be approved, so its extremely quick, no multi-day long waiting periods.

5. Once you’re approved, you are good to go and can submit the transaction. It will be immediately charged on your card and the transaction will be submitted to the blockchain right away. Typically within 5–15 minutes you will have your NFT in your wallet.

This is not a custodial solution at all — once you pay with your card — the transaction will be processed immediately on the blockchain and once confirmed, your new NFT will be sent to the wallet address you selected.

At no point do we have access to your personal information such as phone or credit card number. This is securely stored on our third party who is licensed and regulated. We do not collect/see/gather/want your information.

Gasless Minting — Make an NFT without owning Crypto

Gasless minting is really cool technology, it allows for anyone to make a real NFT on the blockchain, without having to submit a transaction.

This means new people who don’t want to spend money up front can start getting into the NFT space. As before it used to cost to mint a new NFT — now you can do it completely free of any gas fees.

You will be able to do everything you normally can do with an NFT and minting on Mintable, such as:

  • Batch Minting
  • Upload private files (300mb file limit on the private file, 100mb limit on the preview images, all files can be uploaded from mp4s, mp3s, jpgs, to GLB and zip files)
  • Make all sorts of NFTs from video NFTs to music, to access tokens, etc.

FAQ about gasless minting

What is gasless minting?

In short — it means you can make your item on the blockchain without needing to actually submit anything to the blockchain. This will allow a ton of new users into the NFT space by removing the friction of needing to pay to make an NFT.

All you need to do is sign a message and your NFT will be created.

Is this on L2 or mainnet?

This is on the main ethereum network!

Why won’t it appear in my wallet until transferred or purchased?

The way wallets look for NFTs is by listening for a transfer event — since there is no transaction on the blockchain — the transfer event only happens when someone buys it, or you transfer it to yourself or someone else. The item still exists, you can see it on Mintable, and you can see it on Etherscan. If you manually add it to your wallet — depending on the wallet, you should be able to see it.

Are there extra costs when someone buys the item then? (delaying the minting?)

Nope! Its already minted and the buyer or sender has no extra costs.

Is it an ERC-721 NFT?


Won’t this increase the amount of low quality NFTs or spam?

Potentially, which is why next week we will be releasing a new voting system to create a better way of browsing and viewing high quality NFTs!

This will help superb quality NFTs get more views and find more buyers!

How to get started

Just go to https://mintable.app and create an account. You can get started right away either buying or selling NFTs within seconds!

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