Taking your creations to another level with NFT’s and explaining the phrase ‘Mintable’

Creating artwork, digital things, or real world pictures on the blockchain has been really hard to do…. But you can take creations to the next level with no coding required now.

If you’re new to Blockchain innovation and you’re just dipping your toes, let us navigate you to the Mintable.app platform and website. All you need is a little ETH in your wallet to cover some gas.

The Dreaded insufficient funds.

The most common token in the Ethereum ecosystem are what we call ERC20s. These tokens are found in the different exchanges and on the open market for trading, such as BAT, OMG, and others. Their monetary value is defined by the markets demand and often have supplies in the millions. But, there are several types of tokens, not just ERC-20s. One of them is called ERC-721 or Non-Fungible Token. NFT’s are individually unique, each token minted/created holds it’s own unique contract. They are more known as a ‘’metadata’’ token.

All of these are metadata entries. The name, the properties, the image.

What can I use NFTs for?

There are so many use cases, it would be hard to elaborate all of them! Let’s give a few examples so you can grasp the potential, utility and it’s proprietorship.

NFT in today’s ecosystem is vastly used by two specific categories. Games and Artist.

Artists are using the process of minting their physical piece or digital creations. Each token they create holds the image of the piece with all allocated data associated to it, like Artist, Piece name, Description, Social Media contact for example. That token will be minted under a created individual smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. He/she can sell or give that creation (token) to anyone with an Ethereum address. In its basic form, an ERC-721 provides proof of ownership of that piece and is able to view it via most wallets and web3 NFT platforms like Mintable.

Blockchain games uses NFT’s for the items involved in gameplay. Each NFT/Item has its unique contract and can interact with the game. That opens up an entire new concept and opportunity for players. They can now buy and sell the items purchased in game, outside the game in the real world. Being the rightful owner of that item, you can do whatever you want with it — give it away, trade it, profit off it, anything. As you progress in the game, contrary to previous traditional gameplay, your older items would be wasted. But not with NFTs. You own them, you can sell them once you are done with the items — gaining profit or ETH back from playing a simple game.

What does Mintable do?

Mintable is a minting and management platform. Built for user friendly experience with all the tools for the most advanced creators.

You can login with any Web3 enable browser and a wallet like Metamask. You will be able to create your own NFT Contract. Let’s give an example of what and why you would.

So easy to create an NFT smart contract

Let’s say you enjoy classic cars or the different scenery you visit and take pictures of it. You could create a Photography Contract called Classics cars and create a token for each car. You could hold them in your mobile wallet and ready for show during a good conversation at a car show. Now, those tokens are on a public ledger, and you’d be surprised how many people could share you interest or niche. You could find yourself getting offers for that rare 69 Mustang you capture during a Sunday drive in the country. Make it even more exciting and interesting, that 69 Mustang Token is a rarity in itself. The market dictates the value of your tokens. If 10 people want that one Token, you got yourself a car auction!

68 mustang was actually my first car — 100% serious.

Mintable makes all this process so simple, from Minting your first token to the transfer/sale being the management part of the Contract. You do not require any coding skills. Most importantly, you will own your tokens. Without going deep, other platforms offer Minting tools, yet, most if not all of them, all the Mintables are Tokens of a smart contract you didn’t create or own. Take no chance, and have complete control. Mint on Mintable.

How does it work?

On our homepage, click create and follow the easy step. The only thing you truly need to remember, is the 1st token created is your Genesis, so the category, subject, etc are for the contract you are making and the tokens made next will also have that data. Remember, you can always join our Discord server where we are happily waiting for you and provide any type of support

Use the App!

App — https://mintable.app

Discord — https://discord.gg/fUEmc8d

Twitter — https://twitter.com/MintableApp

Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!



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