The first marketplace for digital items and .ZIL domains launches on the Zilliqa Blockchain

Mintable is a marketplace for digital items on the blockchain — the first place to sell and create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Zilliqa.

(Singapore, July 30th 2020)

Mintable, the leading NFT (non-fungible tokens) creators platform has partnered with the Zilliqa, a Singapore-based blockchain platform launched in 2017 by the team of developers from Singapore and the UK. The platform was designed for creating smart contracts and dapps and uses a mixed consensus mechanism: proof of work and Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The main feature of Zilliqa blockchain is high scalability possible due to network sharding.

Artists and innovators seeking a new outlet to channel and monetise your creativity — look no further! Mintable has just launched a user-friendly digital marketplace platform to buy, sell and trade assets on the Zilliqa blockchain. Mintable is truly a success story as they contribute to the future of the next-gen gig economy.

Powered by Zilliqa’s secure-by-design smart contracts, buyers can easily verify the authenticity of their artworks and collectibles. They can pay for their items via ZilPay, and get possession of their chosen item immediately — no middlemen required! Sellers — whether they are artists, techies or entrepreneurs, can create one-of-a-kind assets and list it on Mintable.

Recognising the increasing demand for user-friendly interface in blockchain, Mintable also lists .zil domain names from Unstoppable Domains on their marketplace, making Mintable the only place to list, sell, and trade .ZIL domains.

Zach Burks, Founder of Mintable said: “Working together to bring the digital item ecosystem to the Zilliqa blockchain is a huge step for expanding adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. A lot of new users to crypto join because they have seen games using NFTs, or seen crypto artworks and want to start selling their content. Now using a blockchain like Zilliqa they can do so easily, with very little transaction fees.”

To celebrate their launch, Mintable will be having a trading challenge which begins on the 5th of August— with 120,000 ZIL up for grabs! This is the first time there has ever been a NFT trading challenge on a public blockchain — they expect a lot of entries.

Challenge Duration : 5th-19th August 2020.

You can sign up for the trading challenge at

Some of the features Mintable provides are a very user friendly selling experience, the ability to sell and describe the your NFT being sold, the ability to list .ZIL domain names, 3D image support, and secure private file downloads for files attached to NFTs on the blockchain.

Mintable isn’t just on Zilliqa though, their beta that has been live since 2018 runs on Ethereum at Later this year they will be releasing the 2.0 marketplace that runs on Ethereum. Making Mintable the first NFT marketplace that has two blockchains supported.

Checkout Mintable!

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