Use the MetaMask mobile wallet to get the most out of your NFTs

Everyone Needs a Mobile Wallet and MetaMask’s Mobile wallet is amazing. Here’s why:

Mobile wallets were originally only seen as useful for making that rare crypto/coffee purchase, but now they are increasingly versatile in their features. The long anticipated launch of MetaMask’s mobile version is a big step forward for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Don’t let the beta version sticker fool you, MetaMask is already offering the best UX in mobile crypto today.

🦊Sexy right?🦊

Users are not only able to store ETH and ERC-20 cryptocurrencies but now have access to the best dApp browser and NFT collectibles support.

The launch of a mobile MetaMask gives a huge boost to teams like ourselves at Users have let us know how much their experience has improved by visiting via the MetaMask browser. Previously, most of our users would access Mintable’s services through their laptops and PCs and seldom would engage our site from mobile dApp browsers. With the launch of MetaMask wallet, options for mobile creators and on-the-fly NFT management are increasing.

MetaMask allows you to display and transfer your NFTs/ERC-721 tokens directly. This is an improvement over other wallets that often let you view your collectibles but do not offer any management elements such as even the most basic transfer function.

For the best mobile NFT experience, we suggest using the MetaMask browser to visit and create your own account. From there, you can mint, own, and manage your NFTs with seamless and complete control no matter where you are.

Using MetaMask and Mintable Together on Mobile

Step 1 — Download Metamask Mobile beta

Metamask in google play — CONSENSYS AG. Don’t download a fake, look for Consensys AG!

Step 2 — Open Mintable in metamask

QR code to open Mintable in Metamask


Step 3 Create, Share, and Grow

Hmm what do I tokenize? How bout I create a store to sell artwork
Took 30 seconds to create a smart contract

Mintable is a service intent on helping grow the adoption of NFTs and the ERC-721 standard. To do so, Mintable continues to build out the tools we offer for, both, the creators using Mintable as well as the end-users who need a space to manage their digital collectibles.

🦊💕Mintable loves MetaMask Mobile💕🦊

We are thrilled with MetaMask’s latest release and will continue to share and support anyone in the space who is delivering upgrades to the Ethereum experience!

Use the App!

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Events — We will be at many events in the next coming weeks in Asia. If you are going to any of the asian blockchain conferences, please reach out to us and lets meet up!

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