Year in Review —How was 2020 for Mintable?

2020 has been a pretty messed up year for everyone, but lets discuss what Mintable did this year.

Marketplace Numbers

  • 100,000 unique visitors
  • 1,500 new users
  • Over 1,000 NFTs listed for sale
  • 1,000+ tokens created
  • 85 Smart contracts deployed
  • Total volume: $48,000 USD

Hundreds of orders of people buying and selling NFT’s

Institutional support

In September, Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program has given a grant to Mintable to improve a series of functionalities for NFTs

Earn a percentage of the platforms earnings!

Besides all that has happened and new updates and features mentioned above what else can we be looking forward to Zach?

  • Adding a way to withdraw funds for MINT holders from the revenue Mintable makes, and split governing NFT into separate NFTs via the site directly.
  • Toggle all prices on the site between ETH and USD
  • Mintable added Coinbase wallet as one of its supported wallets
  • Hiding duplicates on the browse page to create a cleaner page for users
  • An added option to extend auctions if there is any bid in the last hour
  • Zach has also mentioned that they might be adding an option to sell physical NFTs which will allow users to sell physical items, backed with shipping and an escrow service.



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