$MINT NFT-DAO — 100% Governed by NFTs

What is the reason behind introducing a DAO governed by ERC-721 NFTs?

Following the DeFi craze

Every project introducing their version of governance tokens, NFT platforms began to jump on the hype train. We’ve seen NFT platforms marketing themselves as a community-owned NFT marketplace by allowing users to power their community-run platform model with ERC20 governance tokens.

Another common issue of ERC20 governance tokens

The Pump & Dump, with whales taking advantage of the market dynamics of supply and demand to make investors see the price movements as a normal trend. As more investors FOMO into buying the pump, whales with a significant holding of the ERC20 token will start selling, causing the price to crash. As a governance token, a sudden dip in price will cause investors to lose confidence in the project and creates an unsustainable ecosystem.

World’s First DAO governed by ERC-721 NFTs

  • Say goodbye to Pump & Dump in the secondary market
  • Buy/Sell the voting NFTs just like any NFTs
  • Safer and Healthier Decentralised Governance
  • Ability to add features that will further benefit voting NFT holders if voted upon.
  • Voting power is tangible, just like a badge
  • Gain more votes by trading on Mintable marketplace or via the bonding curve during launch.

Mintable wants to be community-driven…

…decentralized, and flexible with our unique DAO. Instead of voting with the highly volatile ERC20 tokens, NFTs will be used on Mintable DAO. Every user will own a voting NFT that contains their voting power on it.

How $MINT Voting NFT Works?

Instead of taking the regular DAO approach of using ERC20 tokens as voting power, Mintable DAO relies on $MINT voting NFTs. Only 10 million votes will be made available. After all 10m votes are distributed/sold, it will only be available on the open NFT marketplace.

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Ethereum lover and founder of Mintable.app

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