NFT DAO by Mintable - FAQ

It’s the first time a DAO is built using only NFTs and as such there are many questions related to how it will work.

Since our recent announcement for Mintable V2.0, we’ve been receiving numerous questions relating to our upcoming NFT DAO launch. Just like any early innovations, there will be plenty of questions asked and we would like to address them in this article! Meanwhile, a huge shout out to the cryptocurrency community for featuring Mintable!


From Twitter
Q: “Is NFT DAO a new fair launch?”

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Mark your calendar

When we go live with Mintable v2.0 so will the DAO. We are aiming to go live at the end of November.

  • DAO/Mintable v2.0 goes live: End of November
  • Can start earning/buying MINT and NFTs: As soon as it’s live

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